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Project #3: Mommy, what day is it??

on October 20, 2010

I hear that, seriously, 25 times a day. Maybe even 50. It took us a few days but I taught Emily the days of the week. She sings through them every time she asks what day of the week it is. What day is preschool? What day is tea party? What day is church? The questions are never-ending. Might just drive me crazy.

I borrowed my friend Julie’s idea regarding days of the week. I thought it was brilliant and am hoping to curb the number of questions I get on a basis. I’d like to eventually be able to say “Go look at your wall” and be done with it. Eventually. I still have to tweak my version a bit but we are getting there.

I first printed off pictures and had the days of the week on them. The next thing I did was attach them to scrapbook paper squares and cover them with contact paper. I then punched holes and attached ribbon. I was going to be all fancy and sew the days of the week to a larger piece of ribbon but took the easy route and used fabric glue. We then put them on Emily’s wall. Each day, she gets to turn over the previous day of the week. She can always go in there to see where she is at and what is coming up.

Stephen asked me why I didn’t print pictures of her preschool and church so she would know what day they were on. I was thinking ahead. I was thinking about Christmas break and summer when there wasn’t school. What I eventually want to do is print up pictures, or find stickers, that indicate preschool, church and special occasions. Since the cards are covered in contact paper I can easily add and remove things. Eventually that is the plan. I just wanted to get the ribbon up there quickly so I answer one less question about what day of the week it was.

One response to “Project #3: Mommy, what day is it??

  1. Kristina says:

    That is a great idea! I love all my creative mommies that can think of all these great ideas!

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