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Say what?

When I took Zachary for his check up they were asking questions about his development. Does he crawl? Yes. Does he stand? Yes. Does he wave? Uhhhh, no. Does he clap? I don’t think so. Does he point? I don’t know.
How do I not know these things? Then I realized that the second children really do get the shaft in a way. I really worked with Emily on some of these things. I knew when she accomplished new things. Poor Zachary. I feel guilty that he doesn’t get as much one on one time as Emily did. I am always trying to divide my time between the two if them and not really doing a great job. I have major mommy guilt about this. Especially after coming off of a week of single-momdom. I really need to let some housework go at times and really focus on my kids. They grow way too fast. Dust bunnies will always be there but my babies won’t.

That was totally not what I meant to write about. I got way off track. A few days after Zachary’s appointment he waved! I was so excited when he waved as I was getting ready to leave. And he said his “first” word.
He says momma and dada but not often. I think he uses those words to me Stephen and myself but I am the person who doesn’t know if her kid claps. He also says baba and I know he means that for his bottle. But he said a real word on Tuesday! Not that the others aren’t words but you know what I mean. He said “bye bye”!
It’s kind of funny too because Stephen was out of town this week and made a comment about how he would miss something regarding Zachary. Zach must have heard him because he said bye bye the day after Stephen left.
And no, I am not hearing things. Emily has heard him say it. Yeah, she doesn’t really count, does she? Well, Grandma heard him say it too so I am not making it up.
I am going to try to get it on video. So far I have just managed yo get him waving. He’s so darn cute!

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Princess Chloe’s birthday

Princess Chloe is 346 days younger than Emily. For 10 whole days, they will be 3 at the same time. We went to Centralia to celebrate Chloe’s birthday last weekend. Emily was so excited that she couldn’t get to sleep Friday night and she was up at the crack of dawn Saturday morning. She loves Chloe if you can’t tell.

The kids all had so much fun! My sister had a little bounce house for the kids to play in and that was a HUGE hit! Even Zachary got in on the action! It’s always a good time seeing all the cousins together. Our family is growing by leaps and bounds!

Happy birthday Princess Chloe! We had a great time at your party!

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