Love Overflowing

Emily Grace

on October 24, 2010


Four years ago, God decided to send you to me. I am so very proud that He chose me to be your mommy. I very honored to be able to watch over you, be there for you and watch you grow. You are a true blessing to your daddy and me.

You are so full of life! Your smile can light up a room. You have a charisma and can charm anyone. I love how you have really blossomed and come out of your shell. You will talk to anyone about just about anything! Sometimes I get embarrassed but I love you regardless.

You have taken on the role of big sister with gusto. Your brother loves you so much! You are his world. You are mostly gentle with him and are willing to share your toys with him, as long as he doesn’t slobber on all of them. His eyes light up ever time he sees you and he misses you when you are not home. The love that he has for you is a testament of your sweetness.

Even though you can be sweet and wonderful, you do have your dramatic times. Sometimes I wonder if you are turning 4 or 14! Little things set you off at times and seem like the end of the world. I sometimes call you “drama queen”. Stub your toe- the world knows. Zachary chews on your baby doll’s hand and I come running, wondering what is wrong. I can only imagine you in ten years. Be gentle to your mommy!

You love princesses and dresses. You love to be fancy and dance and sing. Your little imagination is springing out and I love it! Hearing you make up songs brings a smile to my face. Your favorite thing is still your babby (blanket). You sleep every night with your stuffed friends Frenchy, Lucy and Nick on the end of your bed. You love to listen to Laurie Berkner, Katie Perry, Lady Gaga and much more. “Turn up the radio Mommy!” “Stop singing Mommy!”

You speak so well also. Many people can’t believe that you are four years old by the way that you talk. I am so very proud of you. You love preschool and Sunday School. You love learning! Your best friend is Chase. You are so full of life and spunk.

As you grow and change, some things will stay the same. I’ll always love you. I’ll always hug you. I’ll always be on your side. And I want you to know that. No matter what happens I will always be there for you. I can’t wait to see you grow and blossom.

Thank you for being you.

One response to “Emily Grace

  1. kristina says:

    Happy birthday Emily! You have turned into such a beautiful little lady and I can’t believe you are 4 already!!!

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