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Scary Spiders

Emily and I decided to get started on our Halloween crafts this week. We decided that we wanted to make some spiders. She made one for her, her friend Chase and her friend Noah. I saw some kits at Target and realized that we could make it ourselves for less and have more fun.

We got some paper plates, black construction paper, Halloween foam stickers and googly eyes. Emily had lots of fun painting the plates black. While they dried, we cut the construction paper into strips and made legs. After gluing everything together, we put stickers on the feet. I think they turned out pretty cute!

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Stand up!

Stand up for Stan the Man!

We are Cardinal fans in this house. Cardinals officials say the Stand for Stan campaign is the club’s social-media driven effort to celebrate Stan Musial and convince the President  to award the legendary Cardinals slugger the Medal of Freedom for his lifetime of service and achievement.  Using Twitter, nearly 20,000 fans have signed an online petition to send to President Obama. On the last Saturday game of the season, the team had “Stand for Stan” day. They had $6 tickets for purchase and handed out flat Stans to everyone entering the ballpark. The idea was to get all of the fans to stand at the end of the 6th inning to show support and love to one of the greatest ball players.

We took advantage of the $6 tickets and headed down to the ballpark. Usually we go to a few games during the season but circumstances this year had prevented us attending until this point. Emily had been asking to attend a game  for over a month now so this was a great opportunity to go. It would be our first and only game of the season and Zachary’s first game ever. We didn’t know how he would handle it so $6 tickets were definitely the way to go!

He wasn’t quite sure what to think at first. He was hungry and tired when we arrived so he was a little grumpy. Emily, on the other hand, was so excited! She wanted a corn dog, cotton candy, lemonade… The list was endless. What we really needed was hot chocolate! It was pretty chilly that day!

Zachary did pretty well for an 8 1/2 month old. I think he lasted about 4 innings before he was done. We decided to walk through the stadium and check things out. We ended up at Build-a-Bear where Emily made him an Albert bear. Unfortunately, we never made it back to our seats for the 6th inning homage to Stan. But we did watch it on the big tv. And it was amazing. Truly gave you goosebumps. I can only imagine what Stan thought seeing thousands and thousands of fan standing up, waving his image.

It was a great game really. Even though we didn’t make it too long, we still enjoyed it.

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I know I am biased but….

isn’t she beautiful?!?


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Just sew you know

I asked for and received a sewing machine for Christmas. And just took it out of the box last week. How sad is that? I have been using the excuse that I wasn’t able to walk down the stairs for three months but that doesn’t hold a lot of water. What happened to January-April and June-September? Procrastination!!!

As a kick in the butt, I signed up for “get to know your sewing machine” class at our local community college. In my opinion, the instructor spent too much time on explaining the needles, threads, etc and not enough hands on time. It was still a worthwhile class. I can thread my machine and clean it. I *think* I can sew somewhat of a straight line. I still have many, many questions. Luckily, I have several mommy friends and my mother in law to help me out.

Surprisingly, I actually got the machine out of its case after class was over. Both kids were at their grandma’s house for the day so I decided to finish a blanket that I was supposed to make for Emily over a year ago. She was still in her toddler bed when I bought the material!

It is not perfect, by far, but she loves it! The look on her face when she came home and saw it waiting for her. That was enough to make the frustration worthwhile.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Can’t argue with that

We got Emily a new alarm clock to try to help her stay in bed longer. It’s a stoplight clock. During the night it stays red. When it is time to get up it turns green. We haven’t mastered the concept totally yet. This morning Emily was up while it was still red to go potty. I war to her room to tuck her back in and found her writing on her memo board in her door. Here’s how the conversation went:
Me: “Emily, the light is still red. Back to bed.”
Emily: “Not yet. I’m writing something.”
“Now Emily!”
“I’m not done!!” Writing. “Dear God. Please make Zachary feel better. His teeth are really bothering him and I want him to feel better.” “Ok mommy. I’m ready.”
My heart is full of pride on many levels. And you just can’t hurry or interrupt prayers, especially when they are so sweet.
We’ll work on the alarm clock thing another day…

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