Love Overflowing

Halloween Festivities

on November 9, 2010

In between birthday parties, we celebrated Halloween. I LOVE Halloween. I love decorating. I love candy and I love dressing up the kids. We had some fun festivities lined up this year. We attended a playgroup Halloween party, went on a scavenger hunt at Stephen’s work and checked out Trick or Treat on Main Street. We also went to Centralia to their Fall Festival and marched in their Kiddie Parade. And we can’t forget that Emily went trick or treating on Halloween.

What did Emily and Zachary dress up as? Stephen and I had no say in the matter. Emily had their costumes picked out back in March. There was NO changing her mind. She was going to be Princess Tiana and Zachary was going to be a frog. Princess and the Frog. They were super cute. Zachary did surprisingly well in his costume. He never complained about being green. Emily looked cute, as always.

The scavenger hunt at Stephen’s work was so much fun. This was our first event with his work since he started working there in April. I must say that his company is awesome. Not just because they had a cool scavenger hunt but that do neat stuff for their employees.  We checked in for the scavenger hunt and was given a map. The kids got to trick or treat on all three floors of the office. There were hidden treasures along the way where the kids collected special goodies and got a stamp. Some of the different cube pods were decorated in cool themes. There was Shrek, The Grinch who Stole Christmas, a beach theme and a jail, among others. Super fun! At the end, they showed their map and got a special treasure box for completing the hunt. Emily and Zachary had a blast!

On Friday, we met up with Emily’s best friend and her brother for Trick or Treat on Main Street. Emily and I have been going to Main Street ever since she was one. We love this tradition. It’s not all about the candy though. The atmosphere is festive and you get to see some really cool costumes. We got a bit of a later start so we got on the slow end of the line. It took forever to make much progress as there were just so many people down there. I am not even sure if we made it halfway before we crossed the street to head back towards the car. None of the kids minded. I think they were done as well!

On Saturday, we loaded up the car with our wagon, costumes and cupcakes. We were going to Centralia for their Fall Festival and to celebrate Emily’s birthday. In the afternoon, they have a kiddie parade. Tons of kids get dressed up and separate into different categories to have their costumes judged. Winners get some kind of prize. My sister and her husband made a cool wagon float. They made a Mystery Machine for the kids. In it was Daphne, Shaggy, Scooby Doo and a zombie. It was pretty neat. We actually barely made it for the parade! Emily had so much fun waving at everyone as she was being pulled through town in the wagon. She has the princess wave down!  After the parade, we walked back downtown and rode their miniature train and walked through the craft fair. It was lots of fun.

And then there was Halloween! After dressing up as Our Lady of Lourdes for Sunday School, Emily crashed. After her nap we carved a pumpkin. It was my first experience ever at carving a pumpkin. It was fun to have the experience with Emily. She wasn’t too sure about sticking her hands in and scraping the guts out though! After dinner, Emily and I headed out around the neighborhood to trick or treat. Stephen stayed back home to get Zachary to bed and hand out candy. Emily is really getting into the candy thing. Especially considering this was her third time trick or treating this year! I was pretty proud of her because I only had to prompt her a few times to say thank you. She was pooped by the end of the day. But not too tired for a piece of candy before bed!

It’s crazy how Halloween has turned into a weeklong celebration! I really didn’t even touch on the playgroup party or Emily’s preschool party either. We had so much candy it was quite disgusting. We did end up donating a lot of it. No one person should have that much sugar pulsing through their veins!

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