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10 month mark sneaks up

It’s amazing how time gets away from you. In just a blink of an eye, Zachary turned 10 months old. Next I know, I will turn around and he’ll be one. I am not ready for that. Not ready for my little guy to grow up.

Month 10. Zachary spent this month attending a two birthday parties, Halloween festivities and playing outside in the gorgeous Indian summer that we had. He celebrated the birthdays of his cousin Chloe and his wonderful big sister’s fourth birthday. There were too many Halloween festivities too count. Although, Zachary didn’t know what all the fuss was about and took it all in stride. He didn’t even mind the costume.

We have tried to spend as much time outdoors as possible before we are stuck in the house. Walks have been a favorite around here. Also playing in our yard. There is so much to explore, so many leaves to eat. Zachary has no fear at times. He has no qualms about climbing up the front step to the door when he is ready to go in and crawling down the driveway is fun for him as well. He must have knees of steel because I know that would hurt me! He also got to experience a walk down the Katy Trail in Augusta. He wasn’t too impressed.

Zachary weighs around 21.4 pounds. Not an accurate weight but something to go by. I had him weighed when he went in for his follow-up flu shot. I have no idea how tall he is though. I would imagine close to 30 inches. He is quickly growing out of 12 month one piece outfits. If they have feet on them, forget it, they have to be 18 months. He’s long and lean. 12 month pants fall off of his tooshy though but a great in the length. There was no buying ahead of clothes this year.

Zachary is an adventurer. He loves exploring every thing in the house. His favorite spots include Emily’s room, the trash can, the bathroom and the fireplace. He would splash in the toilet all day long if I left the lid up. Zachary is definitely into most everything Emily wasn’t so I am learning new things that need to be Zach-proofed daily.

His best friend is still his sister. He lights up when she plays with him and she does a great job at entertaining him. He comes alive when Stephen gets off of work and heads straight for him when he walks in. Wish I got that kind of greeting! Wait, he’s always with me so that doesn’t work. Zachary has also been working on his third tooth. And it’s been a nightmare! He’s been super clingy and fussy. Time change hasn’t helped either. I know he will be back to his cheerful self in no time. Hopefully.

10 months…..Better start contemplating a party soon….

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