Love Overflowing

Putting up the tree

on December 7, 2010

This year was unlike every other year since Stephen and I have been married. Our tree was up, not decorated though, before Thanksgiving. Usually we are putting up our tree on the Sunday after we gorge ourselves. Not this year. Stephen had the week off prior to the holiday and we knew we needed to take advantage of the “down” time since our weekend was pretty packed. Before you get disgusted with us, we did wait until Friday evening before we put the ornaments on the tree. Emily wasn’t happy with the fact that the tree sat there “naked” for several days, mocking her with its bare branches.

Emily really got into decorating this year. She was really enjoying going through the ornaments. She REALLY enjoyed putting them on the tree. We could have sat all the ornaments out and let her decorate herself actually. But where would the fun been in that? Zachary could have cared less of course. He put up his “First Christmas” ornament and then decided it was time to find some mischief.  We lasted about one box of ornaments before we decided that we needed to take a “put Zachary to bed” break.

The house looks nice and festive. The gate around the tree really makes the decor pop! It’s fashionable and functional. And lots of fun to pull out the strand of beads that I dumbly decorated with.

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