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11 down…. One more to go!

It’s hard to imagine that party planning time is very close at hand! 11 months ago Zachary entered our hearts and lives. What an 11 months it has been!

Month 11 was full of fun! We got lots of time to play outside before it was cold. Zachary experienced his first Thanksgiving with all the fixings and his cousin’s first birthday. He also created his first craft, painted for the first time and helped “decorate” the tree.

Zachary is turning out to be quite the daredevil. He can’t walk yet but he can climb anything in the blink of an eye. I have found him climbing to the couch, the fireplace and even found him climbing a step ladder while in his sleep sack. His favorite places in the house continue to be Emily’s bedroom, the trash can and the toilet. He has truly discovered anything that opens. I am going to have to buy more drawer and cabinet locks. Things that we never had to do with Emily we are finding need to be done with Zachary.

He smiles all the time. Except when he is teething and cranky. Speaking of teeth, we are up to four. He gained his top two this month. He is still in love with his binkie and his sleep sack. You will know he is tired when he finds is sleep sack and starts rolling around with it. He also loves to play peek a boo. It is a fun game that he initiates. It especially makes diaper changes a little easier when he decides to play.

Zachary does have a few words. He can say: bye-bye, hi, bah-ba (bottle), momma, dadda. I swear I heard him say Santa a few times but I haven’t heard it since. He also says ball. He waves and claps. Zachary is always on the go. He finds that crawling is his best mode of transportation because he is super fast.

I love that Zachary is such a snuggler. He pull on your legs to let you know he wants to be held. He loves just sitting with you. He also loves being read to. I am so glad that both of my kids are going to grow up with a love of books. He loves fruits but hates vegetables. I think I need to invest in the “Sneaky Chef” book. While he was at the doctor’s office getting his follow-up flu shot, I had them weigh him. He tips the scales now at 21 + pounds. He is definitely going up on the growth chart!

11 months have gone by in the blink of an eye. Pretty soon I’ll be writing about Zachary’s first birthday.

His 11 month picture was hard to capture



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A cousin turns 1!

My nephew, Cole, turned one on Thanksgiving day! It’s so exciting to see Cole and Zachary together because they are only 7 months a part. It’s hard though not to compare because they are 7 weeks a part and that’s quite a bit in the beginning.

Cole is such a cute little guy! We attended his party the Saturday after Thanksgiving. His party was okay in my book because it had a Scooby Doo theme. And any party involving Scooby is pretty cool! My sister had set up the small bounce house again. Zachary has gotten even more brave than the last time he was in it. He wasn’t just sitting in it. He was sliding down the slide. Face first. He did really well until all the big kids came over. Zachary got really mad when we took him out and kept trying to crawl back over there and get his jump on. It was pretty hilarious!

The party was fun and the kids had a blast with their cousins! It’s hard to believe that Cole is now 1! That means that Zachary’s birthday is right around the corner!

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