Love Overflowing

We’re bored

on December 21, 2010

I am sure I would be hearing that if they were older. It’s been a really, really cold December so far. There was a day or two where we didn’t leave the house. Highs in the teens. There really wasn’t anywhere that I needed to go that justified sausaging Zachary into his winter coat and freezing. Made for some really long days though.

I asked for some ideas on how to keep your kids active when it is too cold to go outside. I got some great answers. Painting, play doh, tv, forts, etc. I need to find more ways to keep Emily physically active as well. She needs to burn off some energy most days! We did take one person’s advice that same day. We threw a whole bunch of pillows into a pile. I then tossed both kids into the pillows. Exercise for me too- bonus! I am really not sure who had more fun- Emily or Zachary. They both would clamor up and fight for the next turn. Emily could have done it all day long. Me, on the other hand, not so much. It gets tiring tossing a combined weight of almost 70 pounds over and over again!

Emily has also played with play-doh, colored on the patio door, played in the rain and used her imagination. Give Zachary wheels to play with and he is good. That or leave the toilet lid open.

I am always on the hunt for more activities to do. Our go-to for every thing friends are in full-time daycare now so it’s hard to find stuff for Emily to do where I can watch Zachary. I think it will get a bit easier as he starts walking. It’s going to be a long winter though.

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