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Zachary- One year old

Some stats for Zachary at one year.

  • 22 lbs 6 oz (46%)
  • 31 1/2 inches (92%)

I am raising a future basketball player according to the nurse at Zachary’s doctor’s office.

  • 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom)
  • Still prefers to crawl. Has taken one or two steps at a time but decides crawling is more efficient
  • Favorite rooms in the house: Emily’s bedroom, laundry room and bathroom
  • Favorite toys: remote control, cars, trash can, balls
  • Zachary still loves his pacifiers and must sleep in a sleep sack
  • He wears 12 month clothing in shirts and pants. One piece outfits and pajamas are 18 months due to length
  • Size 4 diapers and size 5 shoes
  • Zachary loves to climb on everything and open everything
  • Cannot STAND any form of vegetable but loves his fruit and dairy products
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