Love Overflowing

This is what it has come to…

on January 24, 2011

My son… Into every thing…
One of his favorite rooms the house is the kitchen, much to my dismay. He opens every single drawer and cabinet. He pulls out utensils, bowels and towels. I “gave” him a few drawers but that was not good enough. He wants access to them all. He plays with the trash can, making the lid open and close while pushing it around the room. He opens the bottom drawer of the oven where we store skillets. Laundry room door not closed? He goes in there too.
It is maddening!!! He has a room full if toys and a sister who will usually play with him. Emily was never like this. She was content to play on her own while I made dinner or washed dishes. Zachary wants to be in the thick of things. Hanging on my leg while I try to clean up dishes. It’s ridiculous.
So this is what it has come to…. This or a good stiff drink every night.

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