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Zach’s words

Stephen and I were talking the other day about Zachary’s vocabulary. I am trying to think of all the words he can “say”. I know we made a list with Emily so I thought, in order to remember everything, I need to so the same with Zachary.

  • mama
  • dada
  • baba (for bottle)
  • ba (for ball)
  • hi there
  • herro (hello)
  • bye bye
  • happy
  • go
  • gaga (grandma)
  • baby
  • something that sounds like “tickle, tickle”. To me any way. He uses it in the right context so who knows!


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Christmas 2010

This year was a lot different. It was our first Christmas as a family of 4. I felt really sentimental in that regards. Emily really gets Christmas now. She knows that Christmas is the day that we celebrate Jesus’ birth. She also knows that this is the day that Santa brings toys to the good little boys and girls. This was the first year since she was 1 that she went to see Santa so he had an idea of what she wanted him to bring her. To Zachary, Christmas was just another day. He didn’t understand why there was a tree in the living room or what all the fuss was about. He totally didn’t get the whole ripping the paper thing when we opened up our traditional Christmas Eve pj presents. He decided that he would rather play with the box. It was much more fun!

Zachary didn’t last long after we opened the pjs. He wasn’t able to stay awake to put up the stockings or put out the milk and cookies for Santa. Emily didn’t mind though. She got to take care of it herself that way. She also had to make sure that there were carrots for the reindeer. She was pretty excited when she went to bed and actually stayed in there until the next morning.

Emily was really excited when she woke up and discovered that Santa had indeed come to visit her and he did not leave her a lump of coal or a pile of reindeer poop. He even brought her what she asked for! An easel, along with a few other things. The kids got to open a few presents while Stephen and I got breakfast ready. It was a mad rush to get breakfast finished, open a few more presents, get dressed and head to church. After church we headed over to Grandma and Papa’s for lunch and more presents. Zachary decided that he had enough and needed a nap before he ate and opened anything. Poor little man didn’t understand why he wasn’t getting his regularly scheduled naps. The whole unwrapping thing, again, was lost on him. He did love to play with his new toys though.

It was a very good Christmas. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing family. I know that it’s only going to get better each year.

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White Christmas

The last time we had a white Christmas was well over 5 years ago. This year the snow started on Christmas Eve. It was beautiful, especially because we had no where we needed to be so we could hang out at home and enjoy it. It was the best kind of snow ever. It packed really well and made a great snowman. It wasn’t just the first white Christmas in a long time but it was also Zachary’s first time out in the snow. I wasn’t sure how he would like it. We got both kids bundled up and ready to go. Zachary was in heaven! He thought it was the coolest thing ever. I should have anticipated his reaction as he really loves being outside. Stephen put both kids on the sled and pulled them around the yard. The look on Zachary’s face was priceless. We were outside for quite awhile before Zachary tipped over the edge of the sled and face planted directly into a pile of snow. I expected him to cry but when I picked him up he was laughing. Stephen and I decided that it was time to take him in, much to his dismay. He went in willingly, but only because he thought Emily and I were following. It took him a few minutes before he looked out of his bedroom window and saw us playing. He started crying and was very jealous that we were still outside.

Emily made a couple of snow angels and helped make her first ever snowman, or I should say snow woman. She named her flower. She didn’t really want to come inside but the talk of hot cocoa sweetened the deal for her. It was a lot of fun to play outside with both of the kids. Zachary would love to get some more time outside in the snow next time around.

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