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Teddy Bear Picnic Program

on February 22, 2011

Emily’s preschool has an annual Teddy Bear Picnic Program. It’s a big deal and they practice for weeks. Unfortunately, it had to be pushed back a week due to the awful snow and ice we got but I think it just gave the kids some extra time to practice. It was so cute watching all of those 3 and 4 year olds sing.  They performed several songs and had cookies and punch as refreshments. I think Emily was more excited about the punch than anything.

Emily was the loudest in her class by far. I took a couple of videos and you can hear her above most kids. One of the parents of a classmate told me that they had a great video of Emily singing. What can I say? My girl is going to be a star! Watch out Broadway!

One response to “Teddy Bear Picnic Program

  1. FitMomma says:

    She looks like she’s got him in a stranglehold in that last photo! LOL! What a big girl!

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