Love Overflowing

The cutting edge

on February 28, 2011

It was a haircut kind of week. Both kids got their hair cut on different days. Emily got hers cut on Tuesday. We were debating back and forth about how short to get it and finally came up with a compromise. I think it looks super cute. It’s shorter and so much easier to handle. She doesn’t have the knots in her hair and it doesn’t look super stringy. She does look a lot older with it and that makes me a little sad.

What made me even more sad was the second hair cut. Stephen and I had differing opinions as to whether or not Zachary needed a hair cut. Yes, it was getting a little poofy in the back. “Afro-like” is how Stephen described it. But it was curly and cute. I wasn’t ready to get his hair cut. I was not ready to leave the “baby” look behind. He hadn’t been mistaken as a girl. He was fine. Stephen heartily disagreed. I finally gave in. I figured he’s the dad and I really didn’t discuss Emily’s hair cut with him.

I called Saturday to make an appointment, not thinking they would be able to get Zachary an appointment until the following week. I thought I would have some time to persuade Stephen into my way of thinking. Go figure. They had an opening in an hour. Stephen was all about it. We decided to take him to The Hairy Elephant. Knowing that the child does not sit still, we thought that would be our best bet at getting him a hair cut and not a buzz cut due to his wiggling. Best decision ever. It was the first time we had ever been there and it was wonderful. We picked an airplane that had seat belts and put Cars in the dvd player. DVD didn’t keep his interest and the seat belt kept him in the airplane but that’s about it. Emily was blowing bubbles almost the entire time, trying to keep his attention.

The stylist did an amazing job. It turned out super cute. Not what I was wanting but cute. It’s short. His curls are gone. Daddy’s happy but Mommy’s sad. Her baby is not a baby any more. He looks like a little boy. I know it had to happen eventually but I was not mentally prepared. It’s just hair. He’s still my snuggly, crazy baby.

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