Love Overflowing


Boys are definitely different creatures. We are learning and doing things much differently with Zachary. Emily was “eh” about the bottle so she was finished with it at 13 months. We figured it would take Zachary a little bit longer, as he loved his baba. We started off slowly, trying to find a cup that he would drink milk out of. Success. Then we dropped the morning bottle, then the afternoon bottle. The bedtime bottle was the one that we were afraid of. The kid was always ready for a bottle. He got his pjs and sleep sack and then settled in for a baba and books. I think we were more scared than anything.

February 24 was the final evening bottle. We decided to drop it on a Friday in case the sleep was disturbed. That Friday, he got his pjs and sleep sack. Stephen read him his bedtime books and put him to bed. He was a bit confused but went to sleep without a fuss. And has never looked back. We totally underestimated the boy. Now we are working on the binkie. Hopefully, it will be just as easy……Not holding my breath though. The binkie is another beast with a whole other set of problems. Big sister being one of them…….

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The many faces of Zachary

Going through breakfast with Zachary is an adventure. You have to watch for the land mines of food thar he has tossed over the side of the high chair. You have to dodge the tossed milk cup and bring your ear plugs. If he runs out of food, you will know it!
Here are a few facial expressions… All within a two minute period!



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