Love Overflowing

A visit from Nancy

on March 21, 2011

Nancy is the class mascot of Emily’s preschool. Every child gets to take Nancy home and spend time with her. There is a binder that accompanies Nancy and you are supposed to write about your adventures with Nancy. The kids can draw a picture or you can take some pictures and add to the journal.

Nancy got to come visit this past Tuesday. Emily was ecstatic since it was her first day back at preschool since her tonsillectomy and she also got to be the line leader. Big day!

Nancy enjoyed a yummy lunch provided by Cafe Emily and then took a restful nap. She really enjoyed playing dress up and Uno Moo. Emily really enjoyed showing her how to play Angry Birds on the iPad.

Wednesday’s festivities included a trip to the gym and Target. After naps Emily, Nancy and Emily’s brother Zachary enjoyed a fun walk around the neighborhood.  Nancy also got a chance to play with Savannah as well!

It was so much fun having Nancy visit us! We had a grand time!

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