Love Overflowing


on March 24, 2011

Emily’s spring break is this week. I had nothing planned ahead and was just going to go with the flow. The weather was predicted to be amazing for the first part of the week so, on the fly, I decided on Sunday night that we would head to the zoo Monday morning. .  Just me, Emily and Zachary. Myself, a 4 year old and a one year old. I was the only adult. Catch that? You are probably thinking that I must have been out of my mind. I, myself, have doubted my sanity a couple of times.

Actually, the day was perfect. The kids woke up in a good mood and entertained themselves during breakfast while I packed a picnic lunch for us. We made it out of the house and to the zoo before 9 am and all the crowds arrived. We didn’t have a plan of attack and just hit things as we saw them. Emily told me that her “must see” animals were the flamingos and the elephants so we tried to see them early on to reduce some complaining. Zach did great as well as Emily. I am always amazed at how well she does at the zoo not being in a stroller. I was getting tired of walking so I knew she had to be!

After seeing quite a few animals, Emily wanted to stop at the Penguin Cove. I share this story more in detail but I am still laughing about it. Let me preface this story by saying that we don’t normally stop at the penguins when we go to the zoo. I never really understood why. Emily made it crystal clear! We walked just inside the doors when she demanded to go back outside. It stunk. There was no way she was going to walk through with that smell. She was so adamant about it that I couldn’t help but laugh. Zachary didn’t seem to care either way.

Here’s my super woman story. It was me and two kids at the zoo. We managed to ride the carousel both kids on an animal for most of the ride. And we managed to take a ride on the train. That might not seem like a super feat but I managed to get both kids on the train and fold up the stroller so it could ride with us. And I was holding Zachary for about 20 minutes. We picked a really bad stop to get on at but Emily was determined to get on the train at that station. I really didn’t think that it would take us 4 or 5 trains to get a seat. We really weren’t that far back in line. I thought we would be on the second train and fold up the stroller so we could make a quick board. Wrong. Two seats emptied. That’s it. There was NO. WAY. Zachary was going back into the stroller at that point.

After we rode the train for a few stops, we stopped for fuel. Food that is. I found some picnic tables that were off to the side and let Zachary get out. He was so happy to stretch his legs out and walk around. It still catches me off guard to see him walking around. He fell several times but he enjoyed the heck out of himself.

So the three of us survived a trip to the zoo alone. It can be done. I am pretty proud of myself and both kids. They did great and made it fairly easy for me. I am determined to get more use out of our zoo membership this year. Last year I think we made it once. But in my defense, I was in a cast from early April to mid June and then it was so stinking hot! Plus I had an infant. No excuses this year. I am going to wear that card out!

And of course I forgot my camera in the car so all I have are my iPhone pictures.

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