Love Overflowing

Ariel takes the cake

on March 28, 2011

A short time ago, Emily and I were able to go to Disney on Ice. We had amazing seats, cheap I might add, thanks to a great mom in our playgroup. It was nice to be able to spend some quality one on one time with Emily. Zachary spent the day with Grandma so he was a happy boy.

Emily and I both really enjoyed the show. The Ariel part was her favorite, of course. Although she was really grooving to the Lilo and Stitch segment as well. I realized that I need to expose her to more Disney movies other than the princess ones as she has not seen Peter Pan nor The Lion King. I have to be careful what to show her as she is really sensitive and gets scared easily. It really was a great show though.

After the show, we ate lunch and headed to the mall. Emily had her tonsil follow-up so we really got to spend the entire day together. It was really nice talking to her and watching her play at the mall. We definitely need to do that more often. I sometimes forget what a really cool girl she is. She’s funny and never stops talking!


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