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A day with the girls

Sans kids. That was the best part!

This past Saturday, I met up with my two sisters and two of my cousins for some shopping and laughter. They were crazy and had been up since before dawn since they hit a consignment sale first. I, on the other hand, chose to sleep a little later and met up with them around 9am. Still early in a lot of people’s books!

We had a great time! We laughed, talked and shopped. We found some super cute stuff and some even better bargains! My bargain of the day was a pair of Sev7n jeans, normally $89.50, for $6.99! They might be a little tight but I am seeing the scale go down so I couldn’t pass up a cute pair of jeans at that price!

The weather put a damper on our fun though. We had to cut our day short because Mother Nature is bi-polar and thought snow was something that we needed. I made it home in one piece, going no more than 60 the entire way. And that was maybe for 5 minutes. My eyes hurt from straining with the snow but it was all worth it.

We are going to have to do this more often.We already have a day planned in May in the works!

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