Love Overflowing

Another dress project

on April 13, 2011

I am really wanting to become better at sewing. I need another lesson, but I am trying to learn as I go for now. I can do the very basic stuff. Most of the time. I want to learn how to do gathers, buttons, zippers, etc. One project at a time I guess.

Last week I sat down to work on a dress for Emily. I had an idea of what I wanted in my head so I got to work. I measured and cut and pinned. And then I realized that I totally didn’t measure or do the addition correctly to make the dress work. Doh! I was determined NOT to let the material go to waste though. I thought about it and figured a way to salvage the dress. I found some fabric in a coordinating color so I incorporated it into the design.

I don’t think it turned out too bad.  It’s not what I had imagined at first but it’s still cute. Once I had it all cut and pinned finally it really only took me less than an hour to sew. I am getting better…

Finished product


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