Love Overflowing

To the farm…

on April 15, 2011

Purina Farms that is.

The kids, Grandma and I headed to Purina Farms with our playgroup last week. What a beautiful day it turned out to be! The weather was perfect and the crowds weren’t bad at all. A great say to visit the Easter Village.

We had never been before so this was an exciting adventure for all of us. During Easter, they have an area set up with lots of baby animals to see and some to touch. Chicks, bunnies, piglets, lambs- just to name a few. They were very cute! Emily really enjoyed being able to touch many of them. Zachary- not so much. He was more concerned with why the women had floppy bunny ears on. He just couldn’t get over their appearance to focus on the animals. He really enjoyed looking at the kitties though.

There is also a cow that you can milk! Emily had no problem milking the cow. Which is kind of amusing considering she would not see Peter Cottontail when we arrived. Zachary just went with the flow for most things. I think the biggest hit of the day was the dog show. We got to see dogs and a pot bellied big play with Frisbees and go through the obstacle course. We even got to see them jump into a pool after the Frisbees. The show was really neat. We then went on a wagon ride before our picnic lunch.

It was a really fun day. Totally worth the 45 minute drive. The kids really enjoyed themselves, as did I. Zachary was so worn out that he fell asleep in the car. That rarely happens. What is even more rare was the fact that he went back to sleep when we got him into the house. He was farmed out.

Sorry about the poor picture quality. I remembered to charge my camera battery but forgot to actually put it back into the camera…. Doh!

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