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Going on a hunt…

on April 20, 2011

‘Tis the season for the bunny and egg hunts! It’s always so much fun for me to see the kids scramble after little plastic eggs. Emily is at the age still where she isn’t concerned with the number of eggs that she gets. She just wants to enjoy the hunt and excitement of seeing what is in the egg.  Zachary….Well, this is his first egg hunt season. He was a little overwhelmed at the first egg hunt we went to. I don’t think it was the hunt itself as much as the sheer number of kids there. He has been going through a little separation anxiety so he was a little clingy. He didn’t want me to put him down for quite some time so that made picking up eggs a little difficult.

Our first egg hunt was with our amazing playgroup. The amazing hunt organizer stuffed over 400 eggs for the kids to hunt and spread them out over a large field in the park. My hat is off to her because I can only imagine how much time she spent stuffing, closing and hiding. She did an amazing job! Thanks Ana! Besides the egg hunt, there was food. Lots and lots of food. Our group sure knows how to eat! This shindig was a lot of fun! Zachary eventually warmed up to the whole thing and had fun. He actually got down and played at some point. Emily even got to dye some eggs! She had a blast of course!

I don’t have any pictures of the second hunt. It was just Daddy and Zachary. Unfortunately, it has rained the day prior to the hunt. Hunt day was wet and chilly. Zachary enjoyed some donuts and playtime with Daddy before they slip, slided in the mud.

The next egg hunt was held down the street from our house! It was our subdivision’s annual egg hunt. Always a great time! They have tons and tons of eggs for the kids to hunt so there are no fighting. They even have an area roped off for the 3 and under crowd. Emily got her first “painting”. She has never had her face or hand painted, if you can believe that!

Both kids had lots of fun. Zachary was finally getting into the whole hunting thing and picked up some eggs to put into his basket. The kids then got to pick some attendance prizes. I love that Emily isn’t about the biggest. most expensive. She was happy with a little stuffed bunny and a paddle ball. Zachary got a car in an egg and was more impressed with the egg. Got to love the innocence. Soon enough it will be about bigger and better. I am enjoying it while I can.

Luckily, the weather has been pretty nice for the past week or so. We have been able to get out and enjoy. I love spring!

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