Love Overflowing

Tea with Beauty and the Beast

on April 22, 2011

Emily and I attended “Tea with Beauty and the Beast” at the Magic House this past weekend. We met up with my sister, her daughter, her friend and two daughters. The girls had a wonderful time! This was definitely an event that we would attend again.

When we arrived, the girls were given their choice of tiara or crown to take to their table and decorate. Not just with markers but with jewels. Lots and lots of bling to decorate their tiaras. Once everyone was bedazzled, the show began. They put on a short play of the story “Beauty and the Beast”. During intermission tea, apple juice and pastries were served. Yum! After the show was over, the kids got to meet the characters of the show and have their pictures taken, along with getting their “autograph”. It was so cute seeing Emily eye the Prince.

After the tea, the kids got to play in the Magic House. I don’t care how often you go, you can never see everything. We have been half a dozen times and still haven’t been able to do every activity. We tried to hit the major ones since our time was limited. Emily actually climbed up a third of the beanstalk for the first time! She would never attempt it before. It’s amazing what a little “younger cousin doing it” motivation will do. By the time we left, everyone was pooped out! There were still so many exhibits that we didn’t get to see. We barely scratched the surface. Just means that we have to go again! I think Zachary is at a good age where he would start to enjoy the “Little bit of Magic” area. He will have to come with us next time.


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