Love Overflowing


on May 12, 2011

The end of April was full of birthday parties! Not only did we celebrate my nephew’s birthday but Emily also celebrated one of her best friend’s birthday! Happy 4th Birthday Slade!!!!

Slade wanted to have his party at the bowling alley. Super cool! Stephen and I have been wanting to take Emily bowling, as we thought she would really enjoy it. Time. Just never made the time for it. So Slade having a party at the bowling alley was awesome! Luckily, Slade’s Mommy is an awesome lady! She picked Emily up so I didn’t have to worry about Zachary and dinner time. (Zachary is a bit of a beast around 5pm.) Emily had a blast accompanying Julie to pick up the cake and to pick up Chase and Slade from school. She was really intrigued by seeing where they went to school at. I eventually made my way out to the bowling alley after feeding the wee-beastie at home.

When I got there, the kids were bowling and eating pizza. Emily was so surprised to see me. I guess she didn’t get the memo that I was coming later. It was so much fun to watch her bowl. The bowling alley is amazing. Not only is it non-smoking but it is super kid friendly. Bumpers and a ball ramp. Doesn’t get much better than that! Emily was crawling out of her skin when she got a spare. She was jumping up and down, screaming. It was really cute.

I think all the kids had a great time! Thanks to Julie for picking up my crazy girl. I hope Slade had an amazing birthday!


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