Love Overflowing

Have glue gun?

on May 17, 2011

Thanks to my friend’s blog, I have become obsessed with bows, barrettes, headbands and flowers. It all started with a random post from her about cupcakes in a jar. That’s another one I have to try. It got me perusing her blog and I came across this headband that she made. Super cute! And it looked like something that I could actually do. And then I came across the blog Craft Snob. Again, more tutorials on crafty stuff to make. Because I don’t have enough stuff to do, I need to add more hobbies. I absolutely loved some of her fabric flowers and thought, again, hey, I can do this.

So I rounded up my glue gun and a bunch of ribbon and went to town. I have to admit, not that you couldn’t tell, I am addicted. Making bows are actually therapeutic for me. The ones I have made have been super easy and pretty quick to make. I get some kind of a high when I see the finished product. I am sure my sister Heather is tired of me texting her pictures of my bows. Seen one, seen them all right?

I am really having fun with these. Not sure what I will do with all of them, especially since I just bought a couple more things of ribbon and more glue sticks today. I foresee more bows in my future….


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