Love Overflowing

Another birthday in the books

on May 28, 2011

Turning 30 didn’t really bother me. Neither did turning 33. Now ask me again in two years how I liked turning 35…

The weather around my birthday is either pretty chilly or hot. This year was unpredictable. They had been calling for rain all week and it had been spotty at best. I was hesitant to plan anything outdoors in case it was wet. I wanted to have a plan though so I scheduled myself a massage. Stephen very generously gave me a gift certificate for a deep tissue massage for Mother’s Day so I thought my birthday was the best time to enjoy it. It was DIVINE! One hour is never enough. I could lay on the table all day long, I was so relaxed.

The rain came in the afternoon. And it poured! I was a little sad as it ruined our BBQ plans but we quickly came up with other ideas. Later in the evening, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and her boyfriend came over for cake. Yummy goodness. I absolutely LOVE J. Noto. He can seriously make just about anything you can dream up. My dream involved chocolate and marshmallow. He created a fabulous cake for my birthday. It was a super moist devils food cake with marshmallow filing. It was covered in a chocolate ganache shell and decorated with creamy ganache and chocolate pieces. It was so very rich and delicious. I know I just spent a paragraph talking about a cake but if you had tasted it you would understand why.

I was very blessed that my husband was able to take the day off and spend it with me and the kids. We had a really great day together. I was totally spoiled by all of the gifts and attention. A girl could get used to that you know! Not having to change diapers and do the dishes? That would have been enough for me. But Stephen really topped himself this year. My favorite gift by far is my new Coach purse. I have never owned one. I had never even wanted one. I am/was in the camp of quantity over quality but he finally wore me down. I always told him no. I am in love. With my husband. My kids and my purse.

Seriously though, I have the best family in the world. I am truly blessed. It was a wonderful day. Turning 33 really wasn’t that bad. If I could have cake from J.Noto each time, I’d do it more often.

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