Love Overflowing

Strawberries- take deux

on June 14, 2011

I love, love fresh fruit. Emily loves picking fresh fruit. We decided that one trip to the strawberry farm was not enough this year so the two kids and I headed out to Lakeview Farms. Yes, you read that right. Myself, a 4 1/2 year old and a 17 month old. To the strawberry farm. Just the three of us. I am proud to say that no one got left there and we all had a good time. Well, for the most part. Zachary was just “eh”.

It was a hot day. 86 by the time we got there at 8:20am. Luckily there was a cool breeze so we didn’t immediately croak. We managed to pick about 5 pounds in a short period of time. Which was pretty amazing, considering Emily and I had to keep chasing Zachary down and he was constantly sitting on the strawberry plants. After we got our haul of strawberries, we decided that we needed some raspberries as well. Those were a little more difficult to pick if you can imagine. Zachary was on his last leg at that point. I was picking raspberries while holding him. He finally decided that it looked fun right as we were done. Little stinker!

He got a second wind, as did Emily and she begged to dig for gold while we were there. The kids can dig in soil, sand, limestone, mulch and something else that I can’t remember. In each source there are treasures buried- different types of rock and crystals. Every year we go to the farm, Emily asks to dig. This was the first year that I let her. I am not sure why, probably because of the heat. I also thought Zachary would love it. I mean- digging in the dirt. What more could a boy want? Apparently, air conditioning. He wanted nothing to do with the shovel or the dirt. Digging was totally out of the question. Unfortunately for Emily, we had to cut our dig session short because he decided that screaming was a much more fun activity. That kid does not take the heat very well. Emily was a very good sport though and was very happy with her haul. Even happier when I let her pick two rocks that she got to keep.

It was definitely a fun day!

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