Love Overflowing

Super Summer Fun!

on June 15, 2011

Emily and I made her a list of all of fun stuff she wanted to do this summer. It should be helpful on those days when we are struggling to find something to do. She came up with most of it on her own but I did help with some ideas.

Hanging on our laundry room door as a daily reminder


  • Swim with Aunt Kristina
  • Go to the Muny  (We have tickets for The Little Mermaid in July)
  • Go to the Botanical Gardens
  • Miniature Golf
  • Bowling
  • Make cupcakes from scratch
  •  Stay overnight with Chloe
  • Go to a parade
  • Go up in the Arch
  • Grants Farm
  • Catch fireflies
  • Make homemade pizza
  • Make a sidewalk chalk masterpiece
  • See a movie in a theater
  • Have a tea party
  • Decorate/play with washing machine box
  • Make play doh
  • Paint rocks
  • Learn to tie shoes
  • Have a picnic
  • VBS
  • Go to a different state
  • Take pictures in a photo booth
  • Feed ducks
  • Water balloon war
  • Read books under a tree
  • Go on a ‘daddy date’
  • Ted Drewes
  • Play restaurant
  • Pick peaches
  • Finish library reading program
  • Learn to ride without training wheels
  • Museum of Transportation
  • Zoo
  • Make worms and dirt dessert

Should be fun seeing how many we can mark off the list this summer! We have already been to one parade so….One down!

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