Love Overflowing

Wing Ding 2011

on July 6, 2011

The Wing Ding has become a tradition for Stephen and myself. Our first one was six or seven years ago and we have only missed one or two since then. You haven’t heard about the Wing Ding? It’s an annual fundraiser to support The Boone Center. “BCI is a not-for-profit contract packaging company delivering superior solutions to its customers.” “BCI is a multi-tiered organization that provides a range of employment opportunities, work environments and skills needed to employ people to their level of developed capability. BCI can evaluate existing and potential skill sets to place adults with disabilities in appropriate work environments ensuring successful, long term employment.” As you can see, it is a very worthwhile organization. We are happy to support it and even more happy to eat lots and lots of chicken wings!

For the past few years, we have upped the ante and purchased VIP tickets. Again, it’s for a good cause and also, you can’t beat the unlimited drinks and VIP setting. This year the event was held at T.R. Huges Ballpark. We weren’t sure what to think or how this was going to play out. I must say, this was the best year yet in my opinion. There wasn’t air conditioning but there were large industrial fans to keep you cool and you got to hang out under tents with picnic tables. And you didn’t have to fight the crowd for the wings. Every venue was represented in the VIP area. Although, it wasn’t the same without fighting the crowd and standing in long lines for some tasty wings. Still good.

This year they were soliciting volunteers from the VIP section to participate in the wing eating contest. One of Stephen’s “Wing Ding dreams”. Of course he jumped at the chance! We got to go down the field and he got to see how many wings he could eat in a minute. He didn’t win but he had fun trying. I had fun walking around and helping judge.

One of Emily’s favorite tv personality was the emcee of the event. She thinks Tim Ezell is absolutely hilarious. I could only imagine her excitement if she were with us and she saw him in the VIP tent. I texted the babysitter and she thought it was pretty cool. She told me to tell him “hi”. I did one better. I told him hi and got my picture taken with him for her. She thought that was the coolest thing ever.

Several hours, tons of wings, a few adult beverages later Stephen and I called it a night. Another successful Wing Ding in the books. *burp*

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