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A trip to the zoo

on July 8, 2011

After last year’s lack of zoo visits, I am determined to get use of our zoo membership! This trip was our second trip of the year. I guess that’s not too bad, could be better. But it beats last year’s lone trip.

We wanted to take advantage of the unusually cool June days we were having and were trying to decide what to do that was outdoors. Museum of Transportation? Zoo? Botanical Gardens? I happened to see that Ariel and Sebastian from The Muny’s production “The Little Mermaid” was going to be there taking pictures and signing autographs. That sealed the deal for us. Emily is so excited about going to see this she just about jumped out of her skin when I told her about Ariel being at the zoo. So the kids, Grandma and I headed off to the zoo.

Apparently, tons of people had the same idea we did. I think it was a combination of beautiful weather and Ariel being there but it was packed well before 10am. We had to drive around Forest Park to the other lot because the first one we went to was full. I wasn’t going to park miles away and hoof it considering we have free parking. Not with antsy kids. It worked out well though because by the time we made it in, it was time for Ariel to start signing autographs and we didn’t have to wait in line long. We were able to enjoy the rest of our day!

We always, always see the elephants first. We persuaded Emily to see the orangutangs first this time. And ride the carousel. There is always so much to do at the zoo. And we never get to see it all. By the time we had lunch and saw a few animals it was well past nap time. We never even made it to the stingrays, giraffes, birds and Children’s Zoo. I guess it just means that we will have to go again!


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