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Botanical Gardens

I know there are many, many single moms out there. And I know there are tons of stay-at-home moms with multiple children. All who have accomplished what I have accomplished recently. Taken an almost 18 month old and a 4 1/2 year old on outings. With the 4 year old walking, not riding in a stroller. Just the three of us. I am going to take a second to pat myself on the back. We have all made it home from every outing. In one piece. Without major incidence. Unless you count not being able to find your way back to the highway…But that’s another story.

Recently, the kids and I decided to spend a beautiful June day at the Botanical Gardens. It was on Emily’s “Super Summer Fun” list and the weather was perfect. I loaded up the kids, packed a lunch and away we went! You never truly get to see as much at the Gardens as you want. Especially with two little kids. We looked at some flowers. Oooh’d and aww’d. We checked out all of the tree houses that were displayed. I must admit, the tree house exhibit was pretty spectacular. There were some really neat ones. Ones that I think would look perfect in our backyard. Then we hit the Children’s Garden. And that’s it. There’s no more seeing the rest of the garden at that point. Really you are just trying to make it out alive at that point, especially when you are outnumbered.

Zachary was ecstatic to get out of the stroller. He wanted to sit and play on every little thing outside the actual Children’s Garden. And then we went it. And there was a slide. Oh the humanity. And he wanted to go down the slide 800 times. I would set him on top with Em, run down the stairs so I could be there waiting when they got down. Then he’d want to do it again. I would run back up the stairs with him, set him down and run back down. Rinse and repeat about 8 times. Seriously. I had to pull him away from the slide, screaming. Good times. Finally got him interested in other things. Water. What kid doesn’t like to get wet? I swear he and Emily would have stayed at the spraying water area (for a lack of a better term) for the rest of the day. More screaming as I changed them out of their dripping wet clothes. (I atleast had the foresight to bring dry clothes with me. No towel mind you. Just clothes.) They played on a few more things and by that time I. Was. Done. More crying ensued. More good times. At least the crying was due to the fact that they were having a great, fun time and not because they were mad or bored I suppose.

After our picnic lunch in front of the gardens, we attempted to head home. I got a little turned around trying to find the interstate. Even with my trusty iPhone. Especially when it doesn’t take one way streets into consideration. I ended up in The Grove. Not a scary place by any means. I just knew I wasn’t where I should be when I saw a group of middle-aged men on scooters, wearing rainbow wigs. Gay Pride week folks. They were just out having a good time. Finally I found the correct interstate. Finally we were on our way home.

We truly did have a wonderful time. I do enjoy spending time with both of my children. I love seeing them interact with one another. I savor every moment. Because, I am sure, in the future there will be lots and lots of bickering.

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Timothy turned 3!

Cousins. Cousins. More cousins. With 7 first cousins, really 8 considering Kaleb just flows in the immediate cousins, you are bound to be celebrating a birthday. This party was for Timothy, who turned 3 at the end of June. That makes me think….We have Kaleb (my cousin Jessica’s little boy) who is 5. Emily is 4. Chloe is 3, Ben is 3, Tim is 3, Cameron is 2. Cole and Zachary are both 1. We know how to stair step it, don’t we?

We weren’t real hopeful about the kids getting to play outside as we were driving into town. It was pretty rotten and overcast. It even rained for a short bit. Surprisingly, it cleared off and it wasn’t too muddy. It even cooled down quite a bit. The kids were able to play outside, eat snow cones and be as wild as they wanted to be. Which is really wild.  I am so glad that there were able to be outside.

It did start to get really windy so we moved inside for cake. The kids got good and sugared up and then played dress up. Even Ben and Cameron got in on the action. Blackmail photos. Just wait until they bring home their first girlfriends. Mean old Aunt Karon….. The kids had a great time. I hope Timothy had a wonderful birthday!


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Zachary only slept for about a half hour in the car on the ride home, much to our dismay. I am really glad we headed home when we did because a huge storm was rolling into the area. As we were crossing the bridge, we saw some scary looking wall clouds, complete with fingers dipping down. And then it started hailing! Luckily we were in the subdivision so we were able to speed into the garage. After a brief downpour, we were able to get the kids into bed. Just in time too. The heavy, stronger storms were later that night. We were very lucky that we escaped the flash flooding that affected many residents in our city. Way too many storms recently.

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