Love Overflowing

4th of July

A day to celebrate our freedom. A day of parades and bbq. A day to kick back and relax. A day to watch the sky be lit up with fireworks. A morning of rain??? Not what you were expecting. Not what we were expecting, that’s for sure.

Rain, all morning long. We were really debating if we were going to make it to the annual parade on Main Street. Emily was really looking forward to it and was very disappointed when we woke up to rain. And then it stopped. We loaded up the car and started to head down to find a spot to enjoy the festivities. And then it started pouring. Crying ensued. After checking the radar, we determined that the rain would probably just blow over in time for the parade. And it did. Partially. It stopped raining long enough for us to pick a section of wet curb to watch the parade. We even got to watch about half of the parade before it started raining again. We were down there, darn it! And we were prepared! We had umbrellas! We were going to tough it out and finish what we started. Persistent? Or self-preservation from crying? It was a great parade, despite the rain. The kids had a great time and got to visit with Grandma and Papa at the same time.

Normally we go to Stephen’s parents for a bbq later that evening but Stephen’s mom is in a cast from her thumb surgery. We couldn’t let tradition blow out the window so we had everyone over at our house! It was fun. The kids got to play with Aunt Nina and silly Mike while Stephen grilled some brats and burgers. We ate, chatted and had a great time.

We ended up watching the fireworks from the parking lot of our church this year. The park we normally go to was very soggy. So soggy that the carnival rides had to be set up on the street. Emily didn’t mind. She could see the fireworks just fine and didn’t have to worry about crowds or people blocking her view. It was a great night!

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