Love Overflowing

18 months old

on August 8, 2011

Now that Zachary is almost 19 months, I think it is safe to talk about him turning a year and a half!

What a funny little guy! He is so full of energy and life. He is so animated and has some of the funniest expressions. I will look at him during dinner and he will make a certain face that sends me into laughter every time. And he feeds off my laughter and amusement. Zachary is a very loving little guy. He is one of the friendliest kids I have ever seen. He says “hi” to everyone. I sometimes think he would do a much better job than the Wal-mart greeters. His smile knocks the socks off of people’s feet.

I know everyone believes their kids are adorable, and rightfully so. But Zachary just has a presence about him that just stops traffic. He is cute and charming. I probably won’t like that combination when he is a teenager. The server at the bowling alley recently made the comment that he was going to be a heart breaker when he’s older. I can’t imagine him being 4, let alone 16. I don’t/can’t think that far ahead. Not only is he cute but he’s also very open with his love. Just today, he walked up to the neighbor and gave her a hug. While it is super cute, it also scares me in a way. There is no “stranger danger” there.

I used to think that he didn’t like me all that much. I remember talking to my friend Stephanie about how he preferred Stephen to help him with stuff and didn’t really want much to do with me. Those days, for better or for worse, are long gone. We are stuck on the “mommy channel”. It’s not highly amusing when he and Emily fight over who gets to sit on my lap or who has my attention. That boy loves his family fiercely. He calls for “Daddy” first thing in the morning, “Mommy” when he needs something and “Gaga” all day long. He calls Emily “sis-er”. It’s super cute. I have been trying to teach him to answer the question “What’s your name?” with “Zachy”. He says it when the mood strikes him. That’s another thing. The little guy is STUBBORN!! And he has a temper. He hasn’t had a full-blown temper tantrum yet but he has tried to swing at me a few times when he was mad. He wants what he wants, when he wants it. He wants his toys, Emily’s toys and everything in the kitchen.

A few tidbits about Zachary:

  • Picky, picky eater. He won’t touch a vegetable with a ten foot pole. He is currently on an anti-fruit kick. Not too long ago, the kid HAD to have a banana every day. Now he won’t touch it. Meat- won’t eat. Mac and cheese- only large noodles. Prefers McAlisters Deli. Grilled cheese is on again/off again. Stuff he never falls out of love with: yogurt, cottage cheese and corn Chex. And cookies.
  • He can spot a Dierbergs, Sams or Schnucks from the highway. He yells out “cookie!!!!!!!” Bad, bad cookie sample habit.
  • He is a climber and a gymnast.
  • He loves Yo Gabba Gabba. He will ask to watch “Gabba” but only sit for the opening of the show. He LOVES the music. On a long, loud car ride home, I played the Yo Gabba soundtrack and he quieted down and was able to make it home without totally losing his mind.
  • He loves cars and dogs. He still calls dogs “bark, bark” and will point them out.
  • He is learning his animals sounds. Today he pointed up to a monkey in his closet and said “ah, ah, ah”.  He can also say “bark” and “meow”
  • He is learning more and more words. I really need to start a list of them. He surprised me the other day with sandal. Took me a minute to figure out what he was saying but it’s sandal. He brings me my shoes, saying sandal, when he wants to leave.
  • He loves to be outside. He doesn’t care if it is 110. It’s been hard the past few weeks with it being so hot outside. Poor kid has been cooped up.
  • He has shown a tiny interest in potty training. I am not sure how to proceed. He will lift his shirt up and walk to the potty. Especially when we are outside of the house, he wants you to take him to the bathroom, take off his diaper and put him on the toilet. He has not actually gone in the potty but has definitely shown an interest. I do think 18 months is way too young but I don’t want to not put him on the potty when he is showing some interest.

I could write a book on my baby boy. I love that child dearly, with all of my heart. He drives me absolutely mad at times but I wouldn’t change a thing. I used to think that people were nuts when they said “I can’t keep my house clean. My child follows behind me, destroying everything. ” I have eaten my words. I will try to pick up toys throughout the day but it is futile. The child will come behind me and pull out more toys than I put away. I give up. I pick up toys after he goes down for a nap and after he goes to bed. So if you ever come to my house during the day, you will find trucks and blocks all over the floor. I’d pick them up but it’s just not worth it. So just watch where you step.


18 month stats:

25.8 pounds (50%)
34 inches long (91%)
Head 48.2cm (63%)
size 7 shoes
18 months clothing. 24 months if it’s a one piece.

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