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Eight years and counting…..

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8 years Stephen and I have been married. August 9, 2003 was a day that I will cherish and remember always. That was the day that I married my best friend, my confidante, my true love and the future father of my children. It was a beautiful day in every way. The weather was perfect, considering it was August and the sun was shining. We had our family surrounding us to celebrate the joining of our futures. Our future was full of possibility and hope. Eight year later, our lives are full of love and laughter. Our days consist of laundry, cleaning, refereeing and hugs. We find time to talk to each other and share our lives, our dreams and our frustrations. Life is good.

Every year around our anniversary, we take a trip. It started out as a weekend away but has become an overnight. Even though our time away is shorter, we still cherish the time we have to reconnect and be together. Our tradition is to go to a bed and breakfast. We have never stayed at the same one and try to mix up where we go. This year we found ourselves in Sainte Genevieve again. We spent our first anniversary in a little b&b in their historic downtown area. Our eighth anniversary we decided to stay at Chaumette Winery and Villas. The scenery was beautiful. It was so peaceful and serene.

After arriving in Ste. Gen, we walked around their little downtown area. They have little shops, similar to our Main Street but on a smaller scale. After lunch in a firehouse converted to a restaurant, we headed toward the wine trails. We really didn’t have time to stop at more than one because we treated ourselves this year. We had booked a couples massage at the spa  at the villas. Unfortunately/fortunately, our appointment was running an hour behind. Unfortunately because we could have spent more time exploring the local wineries but fortunately because we were able to lounge by the pool with a glass of wine. It was so beautiful, albeit hot. After our massage, we checked into our villa and got ready for dinner. We had reservations at the restaurant there. The food was delicious! The service left quite a bit to be desired to be honest. We were seated outside, even though we had reservations and weren’t given a choice. It took quite a long time to receive our food and our waitress was spotty at best. It took us 45 minutes to receive our food and we didn’t leave the restaurant for almost two hours. Not a good experience. The food was good but I don’t think I would ever go back to be honest.

Breakfast was a “cook your own” deal. Which was pretty nice. We were able to get up on our own time and lounge around until we were ready to eat. They left quite a spread in our kitchen. Eggs, fruit, bacon, hash browns, bread, juice and milk. We had quite the spread. The view was breathtaking as we ate together.

It was a wonderful anniversary getaway. It’s always nice to get some time alone to recharge, away from the kids. I believe that every marriage needs this at least once a year. At the very minimum. We missed the kids but enjoyed the time together to bond and remember why we got married in the first place.

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A few projects

Emily spent a week at my sister’s last month. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and didn’t want to come home. Zachary thought being an only child was the bees knees. I am not totally convinced that he really missed her while she was gone. I really enjoyed some bonding time with him. And I took the quiet of nap time to work on my “list”. Every one has one. A list that is a mile and a half long of things that they want/need to do. I still have a ton left to do but I was able to finish getting everything priced for the upcoming consignment sale and finish a few projects.

The first one was a baby gift. I wanted to send something unique and one-of-a-kind. Something other than a gift card. I wanted to show that I put some time and thought into this gift. It was super easy and it turned out pretty cute. I am not real happy with my writing on the bottom. The paint pen did not work so well but it’s still cute, I think.
I bought an 8×10 canvas at Michaels. I blocked out with stencils the name “Matthew” and sponge painted the canvas blue. I found some super cute vinyl dinosaur stickers at Michaels as well that I put on the canvas after it tried. Then, I attempted to paint the baby’s full name, date of birth and weight with a paint pen I bought. Really not the best idea as it didn’t write as smoothly as I would have liked.
Super easy project. I think the mom liked it.

The second project was for Emily’s room. Zachary and I were looking through the clearance section of Michaels when I found a two pack 5×7 canvases for $1.50. The canvas on top had a small dent in it. Even if I had to pitch it, $1.50 for a canvas is a steal. I had an idea though. I painted the entire thing purple. Then I attached a crown stencil and painted pink over the entire canvas. After the paint tried, I attempted to use a stencil to write Emily’s name on the side with the paint pen. Again, not a good idea. The paint ran together and it turned into a big blob. I hated to pitch the entire project so I decided to print out Emily’s name onto a sheet of cardstock. I then cut it out and used modpodge to attach it to the canvas. I then hotglued silver ribbon and jewels. Emily loved it!

The last project was for Zachary! I love crafty blogs. I found this super cute idea on How Joyful. I knew I had to make this! We had some styrofoam in the basement that I thought would be perfect for this craft. I printed Zachary’s name out and made a template on the foam. I then attempted to cut it out. Not as easy as I had imagined. Next time I would find a thinner, more even piece of foam. Mine was a little thick and different sizes in place. I managed to make it work. I did accidentally break it  but was able to use some hot glue to fix it. After I sanded the styrofoam, I modpodged tissue paper to it and let it dry. I love the 3d look!

A sidenote: I love crafty/sewing blogs. I would like to be craftier than I am. I love making things and saying “I did this!” Pinterest. Oh my. It just adds to my addiction. I have found SO many ideas! I could keep myself busy for a long, long time. With my, you know, free time!

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