Love Overflowing

Museum of Transportation

on August 30, 2011

A couple of weekends ago we found ourselves with a *free* day after church. All the errands had been taken care of and there was nothing on the calendar. To top it off, it was a beautiful day!!! We thought we would head to Grant’s Farm after lunch. As you can see, the title of this post is not “Grant’s Farm”. apparently everyone in the St. Louis area had the same idea. We should have known it was a bad idea as we turned the corner and came to a complete standstill. Creeping, creeping up the road with nowhere to turn around. we were trapped. Finally we hit the parking lot, with empty spaces. As we got ready to pay, the attendant told us that it was at least a 45 minute wait just to board the tram to get inside. 45 minutes. In the sun. With two kids. One of whom, was missing a nap. Despite having spent the past 25 minutes moving at a snail’s pace, we declined. Not enough beer in Grant’s Farm to recover from that one. So we decided to head back on the highway and go to the Transportation Museum. It was also on Emily’s summer fun list. And none of us had ever been.

It was fun. Lots of trains to see. We got to ride the tram and take a train ride around the location. They also have a building with old cars in it. Those were pretty cool to look at. Zachary wasn’t really impressed with the cars. Or maybe it was because he was stuck in the stroller….. It was a pretty good day all in all. I still want to go back to the museum during the week and check out their Creation Station that every one raves about. I am sure Zachary and Emily would enjoy it.

Another thing off the list!

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