Love Overflowing

Play Ball!

on September 8, 2011

While we were on vacation, Stephen discovered that the Cardinals were selling $5 tickets for Labor Day. Emily had been asking to go to a game but we weren’t sure how Zachary would do. For 5 bucks, we’d take a chance. The four of us got tickets for under $32 with all the fees. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

We didn’t realize that we would have had such a busy day the day before since we had originally planned our family visit on Saturday. It would all work out. Zachary slept for about an hour on the way from Mt Vernon so he didn’t want to take a cat nap after lunch. He is a busy, busy little boy. Let the games begin!

Zachary lasted a few minutes up in the seat before he decided that he needed to play with a water bottle. I kept imagining him pouring water down the poor lady in the row in front of us. He was pretty peturbed when I took the bottle away. So he decided that he needed climb off and on his seat. Kicking the ladies in the process. I decided that it was time for a walk. We walked down to the team store and got him a new hat and Emily a pom pom. We walked along the lower level for a bit before we headed back to our seats for a bit. Emily and Stephen were enjoying the game while we were gone. After a snack break, Zachary and I headed out for more walking and exploring. I honestly can’t tell you the score or any plays of the game. We did have fun though. Stephen and Emily got to watch several innings of the game. Stephen got to answer a hundred questions. Zach and I got our exercise in. I especially did on the way back to the car. Zachary was done walking. He wanted carried. And not by daddy.

In the end, the Cards lost. It was cheap family fun and Emily got to go to a game. Win, win situation.

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