Love Overflowing

My Dollar Store creation

on September 18, 2011

I recently wrote about my new addiction to Pinterest. So much cool stuff that gives me ideas of things I want to make. I have been seeing some really cute ideas of wreaths recently. I have some really good ideas of a few that I want to experiment with. I thought I would try my hand at a wreath on the cheap first. The kids and I went to the Dollar Store recently on the hunt for fall and Halloween decorating ideas. I decided that I wanted to make a wreath. It’s a little smaller that what I wanted but I think it turned out cute regardless.

Foam Ring- $1
Fall Ribbon- $1
Bag of Leaves- $1*
Glass Bead Corn Cob- $1*
Glue Gun- on hand
Pinecone- Free! Love nature!

       Total Spent- $4

* The leaves came in a bag so there are plenty to use on another project. The corn cobs came in a pack of 3 so the remaining can be used in other decorating.

Super cheap, super easy. Took me less than 10 minutes to create and that’s while I was im’ing Stephen while he was on an airplane (love technology). The only downside was the hot glue gun. I recently purchased a high heat gun to complement my low heat gun. Whooeee, high heat is right! That glue burnt my finger when I touched it! Beware! 😉


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