Love Overflowing

Over the top?

on October 2, 2011

A certain little girl that I know is going to be turning 5 in a few weeks. It is truly hard believe. So many emotions swirling about that which I will save for another post. This little girl (did I mention that she is turning 5?!?!?) loves, loves Rapunzel. She decided that she wanted to have a Rapunzel bowling party. Awesome! I won’t have to clean the house twice and worry about space issues. But I won’t get to explore my crafty side either. Boo! And if you know me at all, you know I love to create. I still had a strong urge to make something for her party. Decorations were out since the party at the bowling alley. All that was left was the invitation.
Stephen was out of town for a work conference a few weeks ago so I got to work. Printing, cutting, gluing. Once I made one, the rest were easy. Assembly line. Did I mention that I only had to make about 10 invitations? What else was I going to do after the kids were in bed while he was gone?
What do you think? Stephen thinks they were over the top. I think they were cute. And I know at least one of the invitation recipients were impressed. I sure do know the 5 year old set, huh?

Not the best picture. Would you believe I forgot to take a real picture before I sent them out?

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