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My last post made me think about our visits to Pumpkin Land. I had to go back and look at photos from past years…….







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Pumpkin Land!

I love fall. I love pumpkins and going to pumpkin patches. There are so many in the local area to choose from. One that we have gone to for the past 3 years is right across the river. Pumpkin Land has a huge are for the kids to play in. They have zip swings, a huge pirate ship and a corn maze just to name a few. You can spend a several hours there while the kids burn off energy.

We got there shortly after they opened this past Saturday. After the kids played for a few minutes we headed over to take a wagon ride around the farm. They take you on a tour of their farm and try to explain some of ins and outs of the farm. I think Stephen and I enjoy the wagon ride more than the kids but that’s ok. They get to play and we get to sit for a few minutes. After we were through with our wagon ride, the kids played more. We tried getting some pictures next to the big pumpkins. Try being the operative word here. Neither one of them really wanted to cooperate at the same time. We then decided that we would try the corn maze for the first time this year. It was fun. Took us a while to find our way and I ended up carrying Zachary the last part but we had a good time.

You can’t leave Pumpkin Land without picking out a pumpkin or two! We also left with quite a bit of homegrown produce as well!

PS- We also discovered that Zachary really dislikes the feel of hay. It’s pretty amusing…..

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