Love Overflowing

Another patch

on October 22, 2011

Pumpkin patch that is! Stephen took a day off and we headed to a new pumpkin patch with the kids after Emily got out of school. We have been to this place to pick peaches and apples but never pumpkins. Note to self: go in the morning. We went after lunch and the place was full with school groups. Needless to say, we had a bit of a wait before we could get our wagon ride out to pick our pumpkins.

The kids didn’t mind so much because they got to play in the castle, go down the slide and play in the greenhouse. After about an hour, Zachary was starting to get tired. Luckily they were finally ready for us. It was pretty cool because we had the wagon and the patch all to ourselves. The neat thing about Herman’s Farm is that you get to pick and cut your own pumpkin. We have never been to a place like that. Normally they are already picked and sitting waiting. It was a lot of fun walking through the field, trying to find just the right one. Although, I think Zachary’s feet only hit the ground a few times. He was so tired that he didn’t want to walk much. We did find some pretty awesome pumpkins. Stephen even found this a big one for us. We’ve never had a big, big pumpkin before. I swear this thing is 30+ pounds!

Now…What  should we do with all of our pumpkins?!

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