Love Overflowing

Chloe turned 4!

For 10 days, Emily and her cousin Chloe are both 4. Emily thinks that is pretty neat!

Last weekend, we headed to celebrate Chloe’s birthday with the family. This year her party was held at place where she takes dance class. They also do gymnastics there so the kids got to play and have a great time. A lot of time was spent on the trampoline and in the block pit. Even I got my workout in! I was throwing kids into the pit. A great way to relieve your frustrations I might add.

All the kids had a great time. I think Chloe had a really good birthday. I know Emily enjoyed playing with her loot afterwards. The kids had a great time getting to visit back at my sister’s house. It was great to get some time to hang out and have fun.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures. I decided that I wanted to enjoy playing with the kids and visiting with the family. 🙂

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