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Princess for an evening

One of Emily’s friends recently celebrated her 5th birthday. Her party was held at Sweet n’ Sassy. We had been there one other time with a Groupon-type deal and Emily loved it. She was really excited to celebrate her friend’s birthday.

I am going to be honest here. The girls had a WONDERFUL time. They thought it was the bee’s knees. As an adult, you have certain expectation. These expectations were not met by any means that night. The store was overbooked with 3 or 4 parties around the same time. Every person working that night was either in high school or early college. I could have done the girls hair better than they did. Maybe I was expecting too much but I don’t think so with their prices. The girl’s party was rushed as well. They seemed to be in a hurry to get them moving and out of the store. They kept trying to split the group up so they could get done faster. I honestly don’t know if this is a common practice but it wasn’t good. Definitely too much going on at one time. I truly hope it was a fluke because based on that experience, I wouldn’t book a party there.

That said, the girls had a wonderful time. They didn’t know any better. All they knew was they were getting their hair and nails done and had make-up put on them. They really loved traipsing through the mall in a line as people “ooh’d and ahh’d” over them.

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It is fall… It is fall….

The leaves are falling every where. Pumpkin lattes. Pumpkin mousse. Oktoberfest. Apple picking. That’s when you know that it is fall. The leaves haven’t started falling yet but the morning chill is here to stay. I have to say, fall is probably my favorite season. I love all things pumpkin and Halloween. We usually celebrate fall by attending our local Oktoberfest and go apple picking. Knowing that we had a busy calendar in October, we decided to lump the two into the same weekend.

Saturday morning we loaded the wagon in the car and headed down to Main Street to enjoy the Oktoberfest parade. It’s not a major parade but it’s fun nonetheless. The small crowd definitely gives it a small town kind of feel. And more candy Emily would tell you. Even though Zachary went to the 4th of July parade this year, he still wasn’t sure what to think when the bands came by. He finally warmed up and was waving at every one as they walked past. Emily, on the other hand, is an old pro at parades. She can turn on the charm and get tons of candy thrown to her.

After the parade, we headed across the street to the park to check out the rest of the festival. We stopped at the kids area for some fun. Both kids had fun in the bounce houses that they had set up. Zachary thought it was more of a comfy area to take your socks off but he’ll get the hang of it. Then Emily painted a pumpkin to take home. After burning energy in the kids area, we headed to the food tent. It was only 11:30 in the morning so we decided that it was a little to early to partake beer but we did have a yummy German lunch. Weisswurst, Schnitzel,  German potato salad, potato pancakes and applesauce. Yummy in the tummy!

Oktoberfest was a success!

After church the next day, we decided to forgo Zachary’s nap and head to Grafton for apple picking. This was our third time picking apples at Eckerts. It had kind of become a tradition in our family now.  We got to take a hayride to the orchard and then pick apples. Emily and Stephen went one way and I took Zachary down another section. Zachary wasn’t as interested in picking apples as much as picking up rotten apples and seeing how far he could chuck them. The boy has an arm on him! After we got our 17 pounds of apples, we headed over to the kiddie area. Emily and Zachary got to ride a couple of rides and Emily rode the pony. Everyone had a good time.

Our apple supply has dwindled dramatically! We have had apple pie, “baked” apples and apple sauce. Up next is apple coffee cake! Enjoying the fruits of our labor.

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Halloween Sewing

A few weeks ago, I picked up some super cute Halloween material. I knew that I wanted to make Emily a “pillow case” dress and possibly something for Zachary. Things got busy and the material sat for a while. At least it had been washed so when I was ready, it was ready for me.

First up was the pillow case dress. I have seen these a million times and they are super cute! They seemed like something I could do, which is really important. Do a search on the internet and you will find a ton of tutorials. The one I ended up using was found on this blog. I had an actual pattern that I picked up at Walmart. To be honest, I was a little more than intimidated by it. I seem to do better with step by step instructions with pictures. I also found this really great video on youtube that taught me how to add bias tape. Want to know a secret? I really think this was one of the easiest things I have made. I had the settings right on the sewing machine and decided not to alter them. I didn’t have to rip out a single seam either. Super easy. I think I will make another one for her birthday.

Next up was Zachary’s “lounge” pants. I found a tutorial on (wait for it) Pinterest. My friend, Julie, wanted to make the same pants for her son as well. We decided to make a girl’s night out of it. I arrived at her house, armed with my sewing machine, notions, cut out pants and a bottle of Chocovine. You really need wine if you are going to sew with a friend, you know. I will admit, there was some cussing on my part. But Julie taught me a few tricks and even, inadvertently, showed me that sewing is easier when you remove the tray and make it a free arm.

The pants are cute. They might be a little short in the legs and the waist but still wearable. No, it wasn’t the wine that caused the issue. The issue was in the cutting. I think the first time you make anything it’s trial and error. I now know to add more allowance for seams. I will definitely be making more of these.

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Over the top?

A certain little girl that I know is going to be turning 5 in a few weeks. It is truly hard believe. So many emotions swirling about that which I will save for another post. This little girl (did I mention that she is turning 5?!?!?) loves, loves Rapunzel. She decided that she wanted to have a Rapunzel bowling party. Awesome! I won’t have to clean the house twice and worry about space issues. But I won’t get to explore my crafty side either. Boo! And if you know me at all, you know I love to create. I still had a strong urge to make something for her party. Decorations were out since the party at the bowling alley. All that was left was the invitation.
Stephen was out of town for a work conference a few weeks ago so I got to work. Printing, cutting, gluing. Once I made one, the rest were easy. Assembly line. Did I mention that I only had to make about 10 invitations? What else was I going to do after the kids were in bed while he was gone?
What do you think? Stephen thinks they were over the top. I think they were cute. And I know at least one of the invitation recipients were impressed. I sure do know the 5 year old set, huh?

Not the best picture. Would you believe I forgot to take a real picture before I sent them out?

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