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Tailgate Party!

I am going to start out by saying that I am not a real big football fan. It’s not that I really dislike the game, I just honestly don’t understand it all that well. That said, I never turn down a chance to have a good time away from the kids with my husband.

Stephen’s work bought a huge block of tickets to one game and offered them first come – first served to the employees. Not only were the seats amazing, but they were having a tailgate party before the game. Free food, free drinks and fun. Unfortunately, it was friggin’ cold! Our winter has been unusually mild but, of course, the day of the game and tailgate was miserable. It was cold and rainy. Think 38 with yuck wind. We were troopers though and bundled up in the name of burgers and mimosas.

My sister-in-law and her boyfriend met us for the tailgate and the game. It was nice to get to spend some time with them, even if there wasn’t a lot of conversation involved. After we froze, we headed to the dome for the game. Our seats. Definitely not like the seats Stephen’s dad has. We were behind the goal post and only about 8 or 10 rows up. You could actually see the players and the cheerleaders. It was so funny seeing middle-aged men with their binoculars ogling them during their dances. Unfortunately, the Rams are horrible this year. The game was pretty close though for a while and we thought they were going to pull out a win. And in true Rams fashion, they blew it.

Despite the loss, we really had a good time. The tailgate party was fun and our wonderful seats made it okay.

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