Love Overflowing

Made it past the holidays….

on January 12, 2012

before the kids got sick…. Sort of.

The Thursday before New Year’s, Emily went to the City Museum with Grandma, Nina and Mike. I wasn’t really sure how much Zachary would be able to do there but it’s a good thing that we arranged to have Emily go with Grandma. We decided to take Zachary into the doctor. He had been dealing with a cold for over a month and was out of sorts. I had a huge “feel like a horrible Mommy” moment when they discovered that both of his ears were pretty infected. He never really ran a fever or complained about them. I really thought we would go and they would say that he’s just got a cold. Boy, was I wrong. Antibiotics should clear him right up.

Fast forward to January. After over two weeks of a wacky schedule, we were trying to get things back to normal. Stephen was going to work, Emily was going to school and Zach and I were going to the gym. That whole “get things back to normal” thing? Yeah, that didn’t happen. Emily woke up the next morning running a fever and hacking up a storm. So much for preschool. By Friday, it was decided that she needed to see the doctor since her cough wasn’t getting any better and the fever was just not going away. Bronchitis, as I suspected, and a really bad ear infection. I had no idea about the ear infection. Only once did she mention that her ear hurt. Apparently, that wasn’t wax it was puss. And Zachary’s ear infection hadn’t cleared up. New antibiotics for both kids. Luckily, the antibiotics were helpful when Zachary developed bronchitis.

One day I decided that the kids needed to get off the couch and do something else. I found some empty shoe boxes, paint and marbles. They had a lot of fun choosing colors and shaking the box. The results were pretty cool. They really liked their marble paintings, as did I.

Luckily, everyone is on the mend and sleeping through the night again. It was one long week!

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