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It’s a Gabba birthday!!!

Zachary’s favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba. He loves all the music and listens to the cds in the car on a daily basis. There was no other option than to party Gabba style for Zach’s 2nd birthday!

It was a pretty low-key event with grandparents, Stephen’s sister and boyfriend and Zachary’s friends Molly and Noah. Yet, in typical Karon-style, I had to make something. I couldn’t let even a low-key event not turn into a crafty attempt at something. I ended up making a Gabba banner (thank you Pinterest), a birthday banner, cut-outs of each of the characters and a Brobee cake. I really enjoyed myself, truth be told.

The guests were greeted by our Christmas Gabba inflatable. Yo Gabba Gabba music made a wonderful party ambiance while the kids played before lunch. Pizza, wings, salad and chips made up our yummy lunch. Zachary even ate three bowls of salad! Yum! After opening presents, we had CAKE!!!!! My Brobee cake was not professional by any standards but the squeals of happiness from Zachary helped me to overlook any imperfections that I was focusing on.

Like I said, low-key. There were no planned activities or games. The kids just enjoyed playing with Zachary’s toys and running around while the guests got to visit. A fun party if you ask me!

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