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Arrival story

This is the story of Zachary’s birth….

After dinner Monday night, we dropped Emily off at Grandma and Papa’s house. It was hard to leave because I knew I would be away from her for a few days but Emily didn’t seem to mind. She was having a slumber party! She did great the entire time she spent with her grandparents.

I had a feeling that it was going to be a long night and I was right. The anticipation made it hard to sleep. The alarm buzzed way too early after drifting to sleep way too late. My stomach was full of butterflies. Soon, I was going to meet the newest man in my life. Stephen and I stopped at the donut shop for our “last breakfast” before heading. I had forgotten how dark it was at 5:30 am!

We arrived at the hospital at 6am sharp. Then came the tedious task of getting settled in and the show on the road. Finally the pitocin drip was started and around 8:30 or so the doctor came in to break my water. Things should finally start happening! Contractions were getting stronger but not as regular as we wanted. Zachary was not cooperating and wasn’t staying in the birth canal.

I received my epidural after I was dilated to around a 4. Definitely took the edge off. I should have know something wasn’t right when I started feeling pressure with every contraction. I waited too late to tell the nurse that something wasn’t right and started having pain. I think we saw almost every anesthesiologist on staff that morning. They adjusted the catheter, they upped the dosage, the added a boost…Finally, after laboring without meds for about 2 hours and throwing up in the process, they decided to remove the original epidural and put in a fresh one. By that point, my legs were totally numb. I couldn’t feel them nor move them. At all.

In the meantime, I had dilated to a 6. While sitting up and receiving an epidural for the second time I became complete and Zachary dropped to a station 2+. He was ready to come out! Luckily, the nurse was on top of her game and had called the dr already. Once I was in position, I really only had to push once and Zachary entered the world. It was an amazing feeling- knowing that I had brought this perfect little man into the world. He wasn’t crying like most newborns when he came out and I was very concerned. I remember asking repeatedly if he was ok. He was great. He just wasn’t crying. There were no problems whatsoever with him. What a relief!

It took us quite awhile to be moved to the postpartum side. Partially because there was another delivery at the same time and the fact that it took quite awhile for me to regain the feeling in my legs. Zachary got to spend the entire time in the room with us. That was really an excellent experience, as Emily was wisked off to the nursery shortly after being born. It was wonderful to get to experience everything with him. His first bath, his first nursing session…everything.

Despite having the epidural not work the first time I would not have changed a thing. The important part was that Zachary was born healthy and perfect. He latched on right away when I first tried nursing. He was such a content little baby after birth- only crying when he had his diaper changed.

Emily was immediately in love! She was waiting out in the waiting room and was the first person back to see him. She walked up to us and said “Hi baby brother. Ah boo boo boo!” It truly brought tears to my eyes. She told him how much she loved him and asked to hold him. She has been such a great big sister!

My family is now complete. God is amazing. I thought my life was complete and He decided that we needed a son. I am glad He did.

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The clock is ticking….

This pregnancy has been a whirlwind! I cannot believe that I am looking at the final days of feeling this little guy kicking around.  It’s bittersweet. I LOVE being pregnant. Feeling him kick and move around is the best feeling. A baby is growing inside of me! At the same time, I am tired, cranky and hurting. The Braxton hicks are never-ending, my back hurts and there is so much pressure. I try not to complain too much and focus on the positive. In less than a week, Stephen and I will finally get to meet this little man who has been causing me so much pain and joy. Emily will be a big sister. She can stop yelling “wake up baby brother” to my belly and yell at him in person. It is going to be an adventure and learning process for sure but I think I am ready. I better be because there is no turning back now.

I was not happy with my last doctor’s visit. The last few actually but it is what it is. We had an ultrasound and the little boy seems to be doing great. Growing well and ready to go. I didn’t actually get to see my doctor- which I am a bit upset about since I haven’t seen him in over a month. The nurse practitioner, who is normally very good, didn’t even check me out. I have no idea of where I am at progress-wise and that bugs me. I should have insisted but didn’t. So much for standing up for my own care.  The doctor did call me back that evening. If Zachary doesn’t come this weekend, he will be born next week.

There was part of me that kind of felt guilty for scheduling an induction. Maybe he isn’t ready, am I missing out on the experience of the last week and a half???? The other part says I am ready. I really want to try to avoid a c-section and going at 38 1/2 weeks will most likely ensure that. Emily was a big girl and if her head was any bigger I would have faced a c-section. I know a c-section isn’t the end of the world but I would rather not have one. And probably shouldn’t have one due to my Chron’s disease.

That said…We are scheduled to go into the hospital at 6am Tuesday morning. Since I have no idea of what kind of progress I have made I have no idea how long the process might take. Surely the Braxton hicks should have caused some progress. A little over a week ago, I was a finger-tip dilated and anterior so it couldn’t have gone backwards.

Just a few more days and I get to meet this little guy and show him how much he is loved already.


36 weeks- where’d they go?

Wow! Where has the time gone??? I cannot believe that I am 36 weeks along already! Seems just like yesterday that I learned I was pregnant. I know that sounds corny but that’s how it is.  Entering the home stretch now. Zachary could be here in the next few weeks. Makes me a little excited and scared to think about that at the same time actually.

We are pretty prepared really. We have a small list of things to do: install carseat base, pack a bag, among a few other things.  Am I mentally prepared? Not so much. I have an idea of what it will be like but won’t actually know until the time comes. How am I going to manage two?? Not so sure. But I know that it will work out. I might be a little crazy but we will get things under control, eventually.

I haven’t updated much about this pregnancy because there hasn’t really been much to tell really. Every pregnancy is different- that is for sure. Here are a few ways this pregnancy has been different from my first:

  • My Crohn’s has not been the silent partner as it was with Emily. I think there have only been a few weeks that I have not been plagued with it.
  • I haven’t had any of the same scares I had with Emily- early, heavy bleeding, early labor, early loss of plug.
  • I can still wear my rings. I had to ditch them several weeks before this point with Emily.
  • Crazy, crazy movements. Emily was a mover and a shaker but Zachary is a kung-fu master.

I am nervous about the dynamics of having a second child. I am nervous about Emily and how she will react. She’s excited now but will that change? How will I do with the adjustment of having to give someone else my attention? For so long, I believed that Emily was going to be an only child. I hope that we both transition well with the sharing of attention thing. I hope that Zachary doesn’t have “second child envy”. I don’t want him to think that he is any less important than his sister but the reality is that he will have to share his parent’s attention and won’t get the same things Emily did.

I know that millions of women have more than one child. I know that it works out in the end. I just need to learn how to deal with the mommy guilt and put it up on the shelf. Both of my children are going to be very, very loved. They will be so lucky to have a sibling to travel through life with. My hope is that they are close and support each other throughout their lives. One of my concerns in the past was how was Emily going to do being an only child. Now I don’t have to worry about it. She will have a friend, a playmate and a brother. For life.

I had my 36 week appointment on Monday. Fingertip dilated and anterior. Not making a lot of progress but that’s ok. We didn’t want Zachary to come until after the first of the year for several reasons anyway. I did have to have a non-stress test (nst) while I was there due to decreased fetal movement. He’s still moving around, just not as much or as crazy. I think it’s due to his lack of room but they wanted to make sure. Things are looking good. I had a few contractions while I was there but nothing major. He didn’t move a ton but he did what they were looking for when the agitated him by shoving on my belly. My next appointment is this coming Tuesday. We have an ultrasound and another nst schedule, along with the doctor appointment. Emily is so excited to come to the ultrasound. She can’t wait to “see baby brother on tv”.  Can’t wait to see the little kung-fu master again and see how big he is getting. Wonder if he will be early like his sister due to his size??

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Baby Potato Head’s room

Emily told me the other day that her baby brother’s name was going to be Potato Head. Even though she knows what his real name is. Needless to say, it has stuck because I couldn’t stop laughing so she won’t let it go. I’ll give her 2 more months of fun! 😉

Stephen and I finished the nursery on Friday. We need a few more things for it but we are pretty much all set. Just insert baby and we’ll be good to go. Let’s just hope that it’s truly a boy otherwise a girl better like transportation!

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Super Sib!

Emily took a sibling class this past Saturday. It was pretty cute. They used a puppet, named Molly, to talk about having a sibling. Emily is still talking about “my friend Molly”. They talked about why babies cry and what it means to be a big sister among other things. Emily got to tour the “Mom and Me” wing and see a baby in the nursery. I am not delivering at that hospital but they are pretty much the same so she will have an idea of what to expect when she comes to visit after Zachary is born. It was a pretty neat class. The kids got to take home a backpack with a book, coloring pages and a cd.

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I’m calling it early

I went in today for my 29 week appointment. This was the first appointment that I took Emily too. I am not sure why the thought never occurred to me to take her. I think partially was because the beginning of my pregnancy was not full of your routine appointments and there wasn’t an opportunity to. She has been waiting for this day for several weeks now. She was going to get to “hear baby brother’s heartbeat!” She loved the sound! Not sure if I will take her to another appointment. It was a lot of work, I am lazy and we are getting down to the wire- if you know what I mean.

Here’s the run-down. I am 29 weeks, measuring 31 weeks. Apparently, I grow them big according to the doctor. I go back in two weeks. Seems early to me for starting the two week appointments but what do I know.  I asked the doctor if he thought I would go early since Emily was 8.1 at a week and a half early. He says if I don’t go on my own early, we will induce. I will have another ultrasound later to see how big he is. I narrowly escaped a cesarean with Emily and I would like to escape one with this little/big guy.

So there you have it! I am guessing January 11?? Who knows though.

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Belly shot…

It’s true…..As much as I would have denied it, it is true. You just aren’t as focused obsessed with pregnancy #2. With Emily, I felt every single move, twinge and tweak. I took pictures at regular intervals and was ready MONTHS in advance.

I think it’s because you are just so much busier with your second and subsequent pregnancies. There are some days where I think “did I fell the baby today??”. Of course I did, I was just too busy running around with Emily that I wasn’t focused. There is just so much to do having an almost 3 year old!

Belly shots…..2. That’s how many have been taken, unless you count the picture I took before I  knew I was pregnant. I was probably 6 weeks at the time or a little earlier. Belly shots don’t really matter in the long run. I know this little boy will have many, many pictures to look back on as he gets older. He won’t say “Jeez, look how many pictures there are of Emily!”. Ok, he probably will but that’s because I took SOOOOO many pictures of Emily. I will have to work on making sure he gets lots of pictures taken!

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It’s a……………..






Everything looks great! The one issue I had been dealing with has resolved itself so I am free! Free from just a little bit of worry and free to do a little more too!

Our lives have been truly blessed. First, we were blessed, against all odds, to have Emily. She is a true joy. Now, God decided that we round our family out with a boy. We weren’t expecting this second bundle of joy. But what a wonderful SURPRISE it is! Our lives are full of love and laughter. God knows what he is doing!

I know that this little boy (yet to be named) will feel the love when he comes into the world. His big sister is ready! I think she’ll do great!!!

Life is good!


Kicks or gas??

Having Crohn’s Disease really makes it difficult to be able to distinguish between kicks and gas. I have gas all the time. My poor belly is a musical instrument, rumbling and churning some days. They say Crohn’s usually gets better or worse with pregnancy. With Emily, it was a million times better. This pregnancy, not so much. But it is livable.

I am really starting to think that I am feeling kicks though. Little butterflies and flutters. Jabs and jibs. At night, Stephen likes to put his head on my belly and see what he feels. I definitely can feel some kicks then. It’s like the little one is telling Daddy to get out of his space! It’s the best feeling!

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A little more real….

I am now 16 weeks pregnant. I still don’t “feel” pregnant. It really hasn’t sunk in yet either. I am sure it will become more real as my belly looks more like it’s housinga baby, not housing a package of lard. But I am not there yet. I am not sure if it is because, for two and a half years, I have been telling myself that Emily was going to be my only precious child. I had made my peace with it and was happy with our future. Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond thrilled and over the moon to be able to add to our family but it’s just a huge adjustment on my part. I just haven’t been able to wrap my brain around the situation yet. I am happy though. I can’t wait to meet this little person. I am sure once s/he makes themselve known with kicks and such it will set in and the reality will hit me in the face. I will be the mommy of two come January.

I have had 4 ultrasounds since finding out I was pregnant. Yes, 4. Many people get 2 or so. I have been fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on how you look at it) to have been able to see my little one on the screen a lot. That trend won’t change anytime soon either unfortunately. I am dealing with some issues with this pregnancy that I won’t bore you with the details. It entails limited activity and more monitoring. Kind of sucky in a way but I am very blessed to be dealing with the issues I am having. I have another ultrasound scheduled for the week we come back from vacation to see how/if the issue has progressed. Prayers that it progresses in the right way. The good thing is that it is not severe enough to put me on bed rest or cause us to cancel our vacation plans. The baby seems healthy at this point and that is what counts.

Stephen and I got to see the little one on Thursday. That baby was bouncing around like crazy! It was so funny to see the little arms and legs moving like they were in a kung-fu movie. I can only imagine what I am going to be feeling soon! The poor tech was having such a hard time getting a read on the heart rate because of the constant movement. I hope that isn’t a sign of what is to come! By the way, the ultrasound tech thinks she knows what we are having! She told us but we want to make sure at our next appointment since I will be 20+ weeks at that point.

I guess I should start scanning some pictures into the computer at some point! We’ll have an album full by the time the baby is born!

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