Love Overflowing

It’s raining leaves!!!

Fall has come and is on its way out. I think it’s leaving as quickly as it got here! The last leaves are getting ready to fall from the trees soon. Saturday the high is supposed to be in the upper 30s. We didn’t get much time in sweatshirts and jeans. The Indian summer had us in shorts and t’s at Halloween and now we have to break out the parkas, although not for too long hopefully.

I would like to think that this is Emily’s “first fall”. Not her first by any means but the first that she is mobile and can enjoy the sights and textures of fall. Sure she was one last year but I would have had to thrown her into a pile if leaves and hope she could crawl her way out! This year has been fun! We got home yesterday from our library program and Emily was a little nuts. I was trying to decide what to do before we had to get lunch ready. Then I saw it as we drove into the garage- the beautiful blanket of leaves on our front lawn!

I feverishly raked the leaves into two piles. I couldn’t get them done fast enough though. I think it is something that is hardwired into a child’s brain that leaf piles are for running through, jumping in and laying in! No sooner than I set the rake against the garage, Emily was in motion. The squeals that came from her were contagious! She was having a blast and burning off some energy at the same time. It was so cute to watch her having such a good time. She even helped me put leaves in the yard waste bag because Daddy wouldn’t have been happy if we left two big leaf piles in the front yard!

Unfortunately, the energy burnt did not equal a good nap. Emily was up after only an hour. What the heck was I supposed to do with her?!? I ran across this leaf turkey on Family Fun’swebsite so I decided to give it a whirl. Of course I did most of the prep but Emily enjoyed gluing all of the leaves on! Unfortunately, I had a raging headache after all of the leaf fun. That’s the only drawback of fall weather!

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