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It’s that time of the year. Picture time. We were wanting to get fall/Emily’s birthday photos taken. I decided to try something a little different this time around. Instead of attempting to get photos done at Picture People, which let’s be honest here is a crap shoot, I decided to try out my friend Anastasia. She has taken pictures of several families that in our playgroup. She does a wonderful job. I love how she just kind of let’s the kids lead. She doesn’t expect them to “stand on the dot” or “place your arm on the tip of your ear while standing on your toes”.

We decided to try some outdoor shots down on Main Street. I have always wanted to have pictures taken down there because it is so beautiful. You have old buildings, the gazebo, and nooks and crannies galore. We even went across the street to the park so we were able to get a few picture at the train depot and by the train tracks (now the trail). Wonderful venue for having photos taken. I think we took Emily down there a few years back right after Thanksgiving to get some shots for our Christmas cards. BRRR!

Anastasia did a great job with the photos. Emily, as always, was a more than willing model. Always hamming it up for the camera. Zachary, on the other hand, was Zachary. He was very reserved with his smiles. Which is not like Zachary in real life. He is usually very smiley and funny. Not so when it comes to having pictures taken. Anastasia was able to get some really good shots of both kids. Go figure Zachary started to warm up and smile towards the end! She took so many great shots that I made a little slide show to share. I am not even including the entire shoot in the slide show. She did that good.

Thanks Ana!

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Words to warm my heart

Emily has been non-stop chattering since she got up this morning. I don’t think she has taken a breath! I told Stephen that it’s a good thing that we have a friend coming over to play today because since I don’t I have my car (it’s getting worked on), he would come home and find me in the corner sucking my thumb! He just laughed at me but he doesn’t know what it’s like!!! I love Emily to pieces but non-stop! It makes you crazy- in a good way but it’s good already. Here’s a conversation from this morning:

“Come on Emily, let’s change your diaper”


“You’re stinky! Let’s go!!”

“grumble, grumble”

“Emily, I love you”

“lub oo too, mommy”

And then the tears came……………………………………………………………………….


I couldn't not post a picture!

I couldn't NOT post a picture!

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Go Lambs, err I mean Rams

Stephen and Grandpa went to cheer on the Rams Sunday. It was opening day versus the Giants. And it was a stinker of a game according to them.

Emily did her best to help them win. She was one cool cat, dressed in her cheerleading outfit and sunglasses. But alas, she was not enough help to get their mojo shaking and win the game.


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