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Pretty smart…

I saw a wonderful idea on Pinterest last week. Poor Zachary is on his third antibiotic since New Year’s Eve for an antibiotic. I am glad I saw the picture because it has really made keeping track of medicine easier.


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Finished up!

I was able to finish up a few projects while preparing for Zachary’s birthday party. Thank you Pinterest.

The stool was really easy. $2.99 at Michael’s, a little spray paint and paint on acrylic circles. We’ll see if it actually works.

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A project here, a project there.

‘Tis the season to be busy with projects. I have been able to get several finished over the past few weeks. This might explain my lack of posts recently.

The first project was a wreath that Emily and I made for my parents. I got the idea from Pinterest. I had added it to the project list for the class I am teaching in March so I thought I should actually make one before then. I used a wire hanger, a box of fold over sandwich bags and some baubles.

Project #2 were ornaments. I got the original idea from where else? Pinterest as well. I didn’t have all the materials to finish the project according to their directions. Instead, I used clear glass ornaments, Elmer’s clear school glue and Martha Stewart glass microbeads.

Projects #3, 4 and 5 were for Emily. A tutu, a shirt and a dress.



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Sweater with a re-purpose

Do you have a sweater that just doesn’t fit right any more? Is it a little too short or too snug around the middle? A shirt, despite not fitting right, you just don’t want to let go of? Re-purpose it!
I ran across this pin on Pinterest and thought I had the perfect shirt to do this with. In the back of the closet was this beautiful blue shirt that I have had for more than 5 years. It’s a little on the short side and didn’t layer well. But I loved the color and could always find reasons justifying why I should keep it. So I re-purposed it! It was super easy and turned out cute.

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Projects, projects

I keep myself busy. Almost too busy at times. I usually have one or two projects going that I am working on at any given time. Surprisingly, I have gotten several of them finished despite the busy-ness of Halloween and birthdays. Some of the ideas I found on Pinterest go figure. I have the links to any of the projects that I found on Pinterest if anyone is interested in tutorials.


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Got Barbies?

Emily has been accumulating Barbies over the past 2 years. For awhile they lived in a bucket, their hair getting all tangled and gross. I knew there had to be a better way to store them. Enter Pinterest. Oh how I love Pinterest!


A neat way to store Barbies for only $5!


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An Interview with Emily

I saw this idea where you interviewed your child on their birthday. The idea is to ask the same questions each year and see how much they change. This activity

Emily- age 5

was a lot of fun! Some of Emily’s answers were surprising and/or funny. The one with the biggest “awwww” factor was “Who is the coolest person on Earth”. I really didn’t get the answer I was expecting. Super sweet.

Let’s see if I can remember to do this next year.

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Staying busy in the afternoons

Zachary, of course, still naps in the afternoons. I have been trying to do some more one-on-one activities with Emily during that time instead of spending the precious hours cleaning while she watches a show on TV. There are still days where it’s necessary because, well let’s be honest, the bathroom is not going to clean itself and she only wants to help for so long. We have been finding some stuff to do though and it’s been fun.

Flipping through Family Fun magazine a few weeks ago, I ran across “Jar-o’-lanterns”. They looked like an activity that Emily would have fun with and was easy enough to do. Surprisingly, I had no empty jars on hand. During a Wal-mart run one day, Zachary and I found a case of canning jars for $5. The craft possibilities with them are endless. That afternoon Emily and I got to work painting. We did the activity a little different since I couldn’t find the painter’s tape. We painted faces onto the pumpkins and we made ghosts as well. Cute and fun. One ghost resides at Grandma’s house and the rest of our creations have a place of honor on the mantle.

While Emily was painting the jars, I decided to make a ghost. I found an old pillow cover in the basement and painted a ghost face on it. I then used a couple of styrofoam bowls and packing pouch things to give it shape and strung plastic string through it. It is hanging on our porch. We are getting all decked out for Halloween.

Our next activity arrived in my inbox one day, bird seed ornaments. (I’m a little smitten with Hoosier Homemade. So many cute ideas and wonderful recipes.) The best part of this activity, I had all of the ingredients in the house already. Yes, even the bird seed. Emily decided that she had to be fancy while she made yummies for the birds. She did most of this herself as well. My tip- use thinner cookie cutters. If you use thick ones, don’t fill them all they way. Takes forever to dry and impatient mommies little girls cannot wait and tend to break off pieces. Although, those broken pieces were lots of fun to the one year old that loved throwing them on the driveway.

activity #3 actually involved Zachary. Surprise, surprise I found it while surfing Pinterest. This hand art screams fall. Emily did a great job with it and really went to town with the falling leaves. She never does anything half way. Zachary really didn’t care for the paint on his hand and arm. And he didn’t really want to cooperate with the leaves so I was happy with what we got. I am used to Emily, who loved painting and coloring at his age. I know, two totally different kids. These pictures now grace the walls in our living room.

The last activitiy was just something I decided to do. Probably got the idea from Pinterest. I could probably find the link if I took the time to look. Zachary and I poor kid has to run all these boring errands with me were in JoAnn’s Fabrics the other day on a mission when we ran across these 3d cardboard letters. I chose a “J” to play around with. I panted the sides of the letter with some acrylic paint and then traced the letter onto some scrapbook paper that I had in the basement and then used modpodge to adhere the paper to the letter. After it dried, I put another layer of modpodge on and sprinkled some clear beads on it to give it a little depth. Then I sprayed an acrylic coat on it.

Seems like a lot of activities but they weren’t done in one week. I actually did have to do laundry and clean the bathrooms at some point.


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Halloween Sewing

A few weeks ago, I picked up some super cute Halloween material. I knew that I wanted to make Emily a “pillow case” dress and possibly something for Zachary. Things got busy and the material sat for a while. At least it had been washed so when I was ready, it was ready for me.

First up was the pillow case dress. I have seen these a million times and they are super cute! They seemed like something I could do, which is really important. Do a search on the internet and you will find a ton of tutorials. The one I ended up using was found on this blog. I had an actual pattern that I picked up at Walmart. To be honest, I was a little more than intimidated by it. I seem to do better with step by step instructions with pictures. I also found this really great video on youtube that taught me how to add bias tape. Want to know a secret? I really think this was one of the easiest things I have made. I had the settings right on the sewing machine and decided not to alter them. I didn’t have to rip out a single seam either. Super easy. I think I will make another one for her birthday.

Next up was Zachary’s “lounge” pants. I found a tutorial on (wait for it) Pinterest. My friend, Julie, wanted to make the same pants for her son as well. We decided to make a girl’s night out of it. I arrived at her house, armed with my sewing machine, notions, cut out pants and a bottle of Chocovine. You really need wine if you are going to sew with a friend, you know. I will admit, there was some cussing on my part. But Julie taught me a few tricks and even, inadvertently, showed me that sewing is easier when you remove the tray and make it a free arm.

The pants are cute. They might be a little short in the legs and the waist but still wearable. No, it wasn’t the wine that caused the issue. The issue was in the cutting. I think the first time you make anything it’s trial and error. I now know to add more allowance for seams. I will definitely be making more of these.

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New addiction

Pinterest. It’s my new addiction. A virtual pinboard. A place to keep ideas, recipes, thoughts in one place. Better than bookmarks and sheets of paper. If you haven’t checked it out, be warned. It is addicting. I have found tons of crafty ideas, funny sayings and recipes. Many, many great ideas are pinned on my boards. I have actually made a few of them too! I like to think that I am crafty, you know.

My most recent creation came from an idea from Pinterest. It’s very simple and I have made something similar before. A rice bag that you can keep in the freezer or heat and use for aches and pains. The twist on this one is that it is not made out of material but a washcloth. Easy, no?

My dear friend had surgery this week and I knew that I wanted to make a feel better basket for her. I had planned on putting snacks and magazines in there. As soon as I saw the rice bag on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to add it. Wednesday morning Zach and I had some errands to run so I picked up a washcloth at the store. We had some time to kill before we needed to pick Emily up from school so we headed into the basement. Zachary made a mess played while I whipped this little bag up. Seriously, it was that quick. I attached a little poem to it and voila! It was ready for the basket! Easy, peasy! I will definitely be making this again! And I am sure this one be the last you see of my Pinterest creations.

Here’s the poem I printed up:

This little pillow is such a comfort that can’t be beat.

Microwave for 1 to 2 minutes
on HIGH and kiss those aches
and pains goodbye.

Apply it to the troubled spot,
The heat will ease the pain a lot.

Or warm those little toes, so cold.
You’ll find this nice to
have and to hold.

Or freeze it for a little while,
And fix that boo-boo up in style.

Instead of a compress made of ice,
Use this pillow of rice that feels so nice!

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