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Change in the dictionary

There needs to be a change to the dictionary. The entry needs to be:

Molars [(moh-luhrz)]
n.   A tooth with a broad crown used to grind food, located behind the premolars.

1. Of or relating to the molars.
2. Capable of grinding.

verb:  to cut: pure torture to all involved. Nights of sleeplessness, days of crabbiness and the need for the parents to drink.

It took Emily 3 months to cut her one year molars. I thought that would be the worst. And now we are starting to experience the two year molars….

I knew that the “Twos” are challenging but no one prepared me for this! I can deal with the occasional tantrums, the constant repeating (if I hear the word Shadow one more time……), the random outbursts and the inability to listen but I am afraid that I am not going to have any brain cells left by the time Emily turns 3. On most days, she really is pleasant to be around. But then there are THOSE days. Those days that I wonder if it is really too early to drink by noon. (Just kidding! Maybe)

We just got over the canker sores in the mouth, possible ear infection and the *big move* to the toddler bed. Can’t we catch a break over here? And by we, I mean me. Ok, I really mean all of us but I am being self-centered here!

I really think Stephen is going to stuff a sock into my mouth if I ask him one more time if I think her attitude and bedtime battles are related to the toddler bed. I sometimes wonder if it has something to do with it but she’s been in the big girl bed almost two weeks. The first week was rough but she was sick. The second week was a breeze. It’s only been the past few nights and naps that I have wanted to bang my head into a wall. She wants me to sit with her or she doesn’t want to lay. I know she is testing her limits and seeing what she can get away with but bedtime is non-negotiable. Same with naps. For the past few days, I feel like I am fighting a battle every time time. I will win this battle.

Back to the molars. Stephen seems to think that the issue is with the molars. I think there is some truth to it because she isn’t always a pleasant person to be around. The temper tantrums have been much more frequent and she always ends up hurting herself.  Her appetite is hit and miss these days. And the whining…….oh, my, gawd.

And I know the molars are coming in. I survived the whole “shoving the finger in the mouth” tradition. And I still have my finger! Poor kids gums felt pretty swollen. I don’t feel any points yet though. Have a seen any? That’s a joke! Can’t get her to keep her mouth open long enough to check. So it’s going to be awhile.

I know it’s harder on her than it is on me. I am not the one dealing with the constant pain. I am armed though with Motrin, Tylenol and teething tabs. I wonder what else I am missing….I feel bad for the little girl and wish I could take the pain away but it’s a right of passage…Luckily, she won’t remember the process when she gets older.

So, if you have any extra booze lying around, think of me while my toddler cuts her molars. By the time they all come in, you might find me in a corner, bald with my thumb in my mouth.

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I am convinced…

that shoes from The Children’s Place run small. And it drives me insane!! At the end of the summer, I bought Emily a pair of tennis shoes. I thought she’d be able to wear them into the winter. Nope, she grew out of them. So I went to a different store and bought a size up. Those are too big. I still wasn’t convinced at that point.

We bought Emily’s birthday shoes at The Children’s Place in October. Thought she’d be able to wear them throughout the winter. Again, I was wrong. She cried and cried when I tried putting them on the other day. It was like shoving meat into a sausage casing. If she didn’t have half a dozen other pairs of shoes in the SAME size, I’d swear it was just her foot growing.

I am just frustrated  because I have a perfectly GREAT pair of beautiful black shoes that have been worn 3 times. I must burn this into my brain so that if I buy more shoes from CP, I buy bigfoot size.

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